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Gouged Unthanked 

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I read Eric S. Peterson’s article about Intermountain Healthcare [“Shakedown,” Feb. 26, City Weekly]. Very good job.

IHC is all about profit. It publishes things it does, like reducing charges and such, just to help improve its image. I had IHC health insurance for my family of four for six years and recently canceled it because we cannot afford the $900-plus monthly premiums, which kept going up every year.

My wife and I are both self-employed, so we had to pay the whole thing. We are all very healthy and have only used the coverage for routine doctor visits, minor sprains and flu. The only expensive thing was a colonoscopy when IHC sent me a letter advising me to get one. They denied the claim from the doctor and did not pay any part of the bill, saying it was because we had it done in the doctor’s office instead of in the hospital! A big surprise to us—and to the doctor, as IHC had paid for such procedures before in the doctor’s office, and it normally costs less.

Over six years, we paid IHC more than $60,000 in premiums, and they paid out less than $5,000 towards our health care. Still, they wanted to raise our monthly premiums this year. They never even said, “Thanks for your business.”

If I tried to make this kind of profit in my business and treated my customers this way, I would make the 5 o’clock news for trying to gouge the public! If we had saved the money instead, we would not be hurting in this economy right now.

Paul Taylor

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