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Goodnight, Twilight 

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I found myself laughing out loud at Austen Diamond’s review of the Iron & Wine performance at Twilight Concert series [Aug. 17,]—in perfect agreement, of course.

I happened to attend the previous Iron & Wine performance at Twilight in 2009 (at the Gallivan Center)—a teeming clusterfuck of drunken scenesters and teenagers shouting and emitting animal-like intonations over the music—which became little more than background noise. The highlight of the evening was when two drunken frat boys got into a fistfight close to me and had to be separated by their buddies and a few concerned members of the audience. I could almost hear the ensuing dialogue in my mind: “Yo man! We’re here to congregate and talk, not to fight!”

So, when my girlfriend called me a couple of months ago and told me enthusiastically that Iron & Wine would be playing at Twilight, I informed her that I would not be attending. “But, you love Iron & Wine,” she said incredulously. Yes, I do. And that’s exactly why I didn’t go to see them at Twilight this year.

Nick Christenson
Salt Lake City

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