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Give Cyclists a Break 

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I enjoyed D.P. Sorenson’s “Bike Tykes” [July 25, City Weekly] Deep End. Although I appreciate the satire in it, I wanted to address some of the serious claims.

It is unfortunate that some bicyclists do break the law (I myself don’t); however, pedestrians and car drivers are no less guilty. Every day, we see people walking in the crosswalk when the red “Don’t Walk” light is on, sometimes holding up cross traffic. And there are always cars that feel entitled to turn left after their light turns red, even at intersections that have left-arrow lights, again holding up traffic. The bicyclists, cars and pedestrians that are breaking the law (and being unsafe) should all be ticketed.

The pedaling herd mentality is admittedly true. When you’re among dozens of your own kind, you simply don’t see the rest of the world. Look around any big stadium before and after a game or a concert. It looks like a jaywalking convention.

One final point I’d like to make is that the lawbreakers aren’t all decorated with multicolored spandex. Joe Schmoe commuters with jeans/T-shirt, no helmet and thrift-sale bikes are as likely to break the same rules as the other cyclists.

Bonneville Cycling Club
Salt Lake City

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