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Get Rid of the Bias 

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John Rasmuson, in keeping with the preponderant political views expressed in City Weekly, describes senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul as obstructionist showboaters [“Greater Good,” May 16, City Weekly]. Taking his point reductio ad absurdum, conservatives equal bad and liberals equal good, or liberals want to “govern” while conservatives want to shut off “reasoned debate, consensus and compromise.”

Rasmuson has completely overlooked the egregious activities of Sens. Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Dick Durbin et al. and their obstructionist showboating while in the minority, as well as ramming Obamacare down our throats under the novel guise of “budget reconciliation.”

How quickly he’s forgotten how Schumer has been consistently voted as being the “most partisan senator” year after year. It’s also hard to forget Reid’s using the Senate to characterize a former LDS bishop and stake president as a tax cheat and a “bad” Mormon.

Please, a little more objectivity in the future would be greatly appreciated.


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