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The Frost Bytes roller derby report for July: The Salt City Derby Girls’ thus far undefeated teams for the 2007 season, the Bomber Babes and the Death Dealers, faced off at the Utah Olympic Oval on Saturday, July 21, in front of a near-capacity crowd of very vocal (and chilly—the Oval is an ice speed-skating facility, after all) derby fans. The score went back-and-forth for two tightly matched hours (interrupted only by a halftime mud-wrestling show that went over so well that a new league should maybe be considered), highlighted by some superhuman jamming and scoring by the Bombers’ NOS and the Dealers’ Lady Shatterly. In the final minutes, the Death Dealers regained the edge and defeated the Bomber Babes (Mrs. Frost Bytes’ team, as per City Weekly legal counsel) 86-73. The SCDG’s next bout—between the Leave It to Cleavers and the Sisters of No Mercy to determine September’s season-ending championship lineup—is Saturday, Aug. 18; tickets and info at That’s sports, back to the news …

• The Man Who Will Never Be President, Mitt Romney, just keeps the faux pas a-comin’ (for those of you in Orem, a faux pas is a social blunder): Utah’s favorite candidate was photographed last week while campaigning in South Carolina with an enthusiastic but “grammatically challenged” GOP fan, as posted on The smiling Mittster is shown chumming-up with a woman holding a hand-scrawled sign reading “No to Obama, Osama and Chelsea’s moma.” Solid rhyme scheme, but comparing Democrats Barack and Hillary to bin Laden? Doesn’t that qualify as kinda shrill, hateful and negative? Just sayin’ …

• Meanwhile, still-president George W. Bush’s colon is clean! Well, clean of cancer. While Dubya’s sphincter was under the knife last Saturday, nobody seems too concerned that, as per the 25th Amendment, Vice President Dick Cheney was the nation’s commander in chief for two whole hours. Sure, we all know he’s really calling the shots, anyway—but this was constitutional. Of course, nothing happened, but wacko bloggers were in a quandary: Feel dirty and wish Bush well on the operating table, or hope for the worst and really get it in President Cheney? And when was the last time Romney’s colon was checked out? Ask the Deseret Morning News—they’re up there constantly.

• Rumor (i.e. bloggers, natch) has it that KALL 700 AM, currently simulcasting The Zone 1280 sports, is going to make a comeback as a talk station—with Salt Lake City’s Tom Barberi in the mornings and recently unretired national talker Phil Hendrie in the evenings. Good news for talk fans if Simmons Media (KALL’s new owner) doesn’t blow it and pull the plug too soon as it did with 97.5 FM Talk last year, or really screw the pooch like previous KALL owner Clear Channel did when it dumped Barberi and the talk format for sports in 2004. Fingers crossed …
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