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Remember that new City Weekly Website we began talking about well over a year ago? Neither did we—until the thing up and launched this past Monday. The new is set up a bit differently than the previous circa ’95 model, so pay attention: The regular newspaper content is found in the left navigation bars, under the heading “This Week’s Issue,” pretty simple. The center section is the online-only content, including the City Weekly blog (still nameless, BTW), daily outside news feeds and a random photo feature wherein users can upload cool/unusual/possibly litigious shots (pending approval). You can also now post comments on articles; hopefully, they’ll be as insightful and/or snarky as those I’ve been covertly leaving on The Salt Lake Tribune’s Website. And get this: The search and archive functions actually work—that’s how I learned that we’ve been waiting on the new for almost 13 months (The Ocho, July 16, 2006). Check it out, let us know what you think—unless you liked the old site better, then just keep it to yourself.

Mitt “Ronnie Reagan 2.0” Romney being raked over the coals on a conservative Midwest talk-radio station? Barack “Hillary Killah” Obama receiving a hero’s welcome during a little-publicized Utah visit? Is this the Bizarro Earth presidential race? Might explain a weekend debate quote like this from the Mittster: “In one week, he [Obama] went from saying he’s going to sit down, you know, for tea, with our enemies—but then he’s going to bomb our allies. I mean, he’s gone from Jane Fonda to Dr. Strangelove in one week.” Nice. Romney will still be The Man Who Will Never Be President to me, though.

Has the local media ever tripped over itself as much to break a “story” but not actually commit to it? Sack up, already. Headlines here were screaming “Lindsay Lohan may be in rehab in Utah” earlier this week, while the national (and international) news media dropped the definitive “La Lohan is totally drying out in Utah—yuck!” Apparently, being stuck in the Beehive State is punishment enough for boozy starlets who get caught, because everyone knows you can’t get a drink here, and you’ll have to fight through eight sister wives to get to the buffet. Sobering thoughts, indeed.

Veering back to Relijun ’n’ Politix: Perhaps you’ve heard of presidential candidate Sam Brownback? Senator from Kansas? No? Anyway, Baptists for Brownback—who are conspicuously absent from Brownback’s MySpace Top 8—have decreed that the “disease of Liberalism’s” latest symptom is the “jet-setting homosexual” fashion trend of men’s kilts. “It is understood, that while the sodomite would unnaturally embrace the feminine attributes of a man-skirt or kilt, the main purpose is that it grants them easy and quick access for fornicating. … Something must be done to stop this horrendous fashion-do-not from making its way into your Christian neighborhood.” Gird thy loins!
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