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Former Hobbies 

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What pastime or hobby have you mostly quit?

Rachel Scott: Two-hour lunches involving $3 steaks, strippers and beer. Oh, wait ... never mind.

Nick Clark: I have two kids now, so I’ve quit hobbies and pastimes altogether.

John Saltas: Writing a weekly column.

Rachel Piper: When I was single and worked nights, I would end up drinking with friends until 5 in the morning a few nights a week. Now I save my embarrassing drunkenness for the occasional work parties.

Jesse Fruhwirth: I quit sugary cocktails on my 21st birthday. I “mostly quit” barfing when I drink around that same time.

Bill Frost: Ultimate death fighting. I’ve killed more men, women and livestock on the Mexican circuit than I can remember.

Jerre Wroble: I used to love sitting down with fellow stargazers and kibitzing about ominous heavenly transits and eclipses. Lately, I’m too busy dotting i’s and crossing t’s. How I miss you, Mercury retrograde.

Josh Loftin: I quit golf after deciding that it was dangerous for me, my clubs, nearby trees and innocent bystanders to continue playing. I even have to (mostly) avoid computer golf, lest the iMac wind up on the lawn.

Dan Nailen: I quit smoking cigarettes Feb. 29, 2004. Crack, on the other hand ...

Susan Kruithof: Drawing and throwing pots. As a child and teen, I always had a pencil in my hand.  Pottery was a real love in college.  They’ve both been replaced by my passion for beading.  Necklace, anyone?

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