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Food Before Firearms 

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Each and every day across the country and even here in Utah, many share a feeling of fear and frustration about the present and the future. It’s that day-to-day challenge of survival, putting food on the table, paying bills and retaining or finding employment that is crushing the hope in so many households. These are stressful times.

Our state lawmakers should look for ways to give working families more spending power with their hard-earned dollars. One idea would be to eliminate the sales tax on food. This would give people more money at the checkout stand. They could buy more food or have enough to also buy their medicine.

In the midst of this Great Recession, it is disappointing that the legislator from my district, Carl Wimmer, has decided that his contribution this year is to focus on having a “state gun,” a laughable bit of time-wasting trivia, when there are so many other ways he could use his time to effectively represent the residents of Utah. And then there is his focus on expanding the laws to allow everyone in Utah to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. In light of the recent horrific shootings in Arizona, one has to wonder what, exactly, Wimmer is hoping to accomplish.

Wimmer, having a “state gun” won’t stimulate Utah’s economy, reduce public school class sizes or create new jobs. In a choice between food and guns, most citizens—I suppose Wimmer would choose otherwise—will choose food for their families. This year, a majority of our Utah legislators need to focus on “buying power,” not “firepower.” It’s still the economy, stupid!

Bennion Spencer

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