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Focus on the Men 

Some seem to think men leaving the workforce will result in fewer marriages. The Park City School District fires back at a shadowy group. Plus, what's behind those strange mailers you might have received?

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Focus on the Men
Isn't that adorable? Sen. Mike Lee is worried about marriage because some men are, well, slackers. And thank heavens that someone is finally worried about men because, you know, women have everything going for them personally and financially. This was a front-page story in the Deseret News, warning the world that as more "prime-aged men" 25-54 leave the workforce the family unit will suffer. Lee worries that this means fewer marriages or more divorces and that "men will feel less of a need to be breadwinners and involved with their children." A senior fellow from the Manhattan Institute (a neoconservative, right-wing or center-right think tank) agrees. But the reasons are varied and complicated, according to a 2016 Atlantic article. For instance, 9 million of those men have been incarcerated, and that's a big barrier to working.


A Welcoming Act
You've got to hand it to the Park City School District. They've got balls—of many colors. After demands from a shadowy group called Stop Welcoming Schools, they sent this: "We initially reject many of the factual and legal assertions set forth in your letter and believe that you are misinformed about the nature of the Welcoming Schools program," according to the Park Record. It's all about an anti-bullying program that some see as promoting the LGBTQ lifestyle. It doesn't, but multi-colored posters apparently shock some parents. Schools have been in the news lately: West High School students protested after their principal was disciplined for allegedly helping home some intoxicated students. And a Fox Hollow Elementary teacher is facing kidnapping charges, seemingly for walking away with a distressed child. Whatever the outcomes, it looks like people are jumping to conclusions way too soon.


Great, More With Less
You probably got this in the mail—and you probably threw it away. The Utah Association of Realtors sent out an $80 million check because, oh yeah, you'll be getting a grrreeeat tax refund. The Salt Lake Tribune gave the real estate agents space to say "We like the idea of a tax cut for Utah families." Not everyone thinks it's a good idea, and you can find pro and con research about the effects of any tax cuts. Not everyone will see a cut. Not so for people in poverty who would see food prices rise. And then there's the prospect of legislation to remove school funding from the income tax. Our motto: Utah does more with less. The Trib did note that the association illegally used the state seal and signed it from the Utah Legislature. People will believe anything these days.

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