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First You Get the Money, Then You Get the Power 

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First You Get the Money, Then You Get the Power
Poor Jon Huntsman Sr. He's unhappy that his bought candidate for U.S. Senator from Utah, Bob Bennett, lost to the Koch brothers' bought candidate for that same office, Mike Lee.

For a long time, Huntsman was the only really big-money player in Utah politics and could pretty much dictate who would run and win for statewide offices. And the wealth-worshipping top Mormon church leaders were just fine with that. But when far more filthy-rich billionaires, individuals and corporations started dumping money into Utah elections, Huntsman Sr. couldn't compete.

Mormon church dogma and practice teaches that one is rewarded materially for one's honest hard work and righteousness, and that the richest are the most honest, hard-working and righteous. (Nevermind that Jesus, according to the Christian Bible, taught exactly the opposite and utterly condemned the rich.) The Koch brothers are therefore obviously among the most honest, hard-working and righteous of all, far more than Huntsman Sr., with his miniscule few billion.

So, the Mormon Church and its lackeys in Utah politics and government offices obviously chose the candidates of the far richer outside players in Utah politics than those of local Huntsman Sr. He can't compete with the far greater material wealth and therefore righteousness of the Koch brothers. So, now all he can do is whine about the Koch candidates winning over his equally corrupt candidates.

Huntsman Sr. complains that Mike Lee is an embarrassment to Utah, but Huntsman is the one truly embarrassed for losing his once-dominant clout in Utah politics. The truth is that the Koch brothers could quite literally squash Jon Huntsman Sr. like a bug and get away with it. And the wealth- and power-worshipping Mormon church leaders and their lackeys would go along with it with no problem.
Stuart McDonald
Salt Lake City

Persecution Disguised as Protection
The lawyers within the legislative branch of government have passed legislation that is legislative treason and contributes to human corruption.

It has to do with employment and property law as it relates to the discrimination and violation of civil rights ofex-felons. The lawyers within the legislative branch falsely stand behind the protection clause of the U.S. Constitution.

They argue that if they are tough on crime, in terms of employment and property laws against ex-felons, they can protect the public.

Just the opposite is true: The amount of recidivism directly relates to the injustice of the employment and property laws that punish, deprive and prevent ex-felons from equal human rights to employment and property.

According to the federal bureau of criminal statistics, 68 percent of ex-felons commit another crime and go back to incarceration. It's simply because the laws against ex-felons prevent them from employment rights and property rights. If the state says,by legal statute, that you dont have the right to a job, you don't have the right to property, the only option for theex-felon for shelter is to commit another crime.

And committing another crime is where the legislative treason and corruption comes in.

The legislative statutes against ex-felonsis set up for failure and future calamity: failure against the ex-felon—and, moreover, a failure to every citizen of the federal government.

It's a legislative political argument of protectionagainst liberty.
James Butteri
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