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Find Your Protest Style 

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A Cosmopolitan-style quiz: When it comes to protesting, are you:

A. Activist
B. Camp Follower
C. Committed, But Lazy
D. Complacent%uFFFD%uFFFD%uFFFD%uFFFD
E. Antagonistic

Rachel Scott: Activist! I put down my luscious dreamsicle lipstick (not tested on animals), kick off my chartreuse pumps made out of sustainable materials, and I sign that petition, get on that phone, forward that progressive action e-mail, or boycott that product and/or store.

Eric S. Peterson: Not really a protester at all, so I guess I’m option F: the guy who watches rallies out of curiosity, kind of hoping that a riot might break out.

Margaux Lodge: I really like to be involved, but then I get lazy. I suppose it really depends on how close to home the issue hits. My biggest fear would be that things would get violent or ugly. I hate pointless or nonconstructive confrontations. In a nutshell, I would probably try to think of some other way that I could get involved that would make more of a difference, where I could do something hands-on. I need to see real results for my time.

Scott Renshaw: I’m committed to the *idea* of answering this question, but too lazy to actually answer it.

Rachel Piper: I don’t protest, but I occasionally donate to animal societies, and I feel guilty a lot. Does that count?

Jerre Wroble: The problem with Utah’s many passionate souls is that so many like to go out for brunch. That’s why the tea party is making gains. They’re up early on the weekends rallying for the cause, and we’re deciding where to brunch.

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