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Feedback from September 3 and Beyond 

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Sept. 3 Cover Story "Interns Phone Home"
Go City Weekly interns!
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Private Eye "Farm to Fool" by John Saltas
Seriously, I'm so grateful for Saltas' perspective and open, honest and clear words that help me remember I am not the confused one in this state.
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I can't believe the rotten DABC and our state didn't put the liquor licenses on hold until [bar owners]could actually make a living.
Deanna Garcia
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Cox = Herbert 2.0
Eric Granato
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Cox will be a repeat of the last 10 years—not a good look for Utah.
Ron Coleman
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Aug. 26 Review "Checking Out Chettinad" by Alex Springer
So good, and a great addition to Main Street!
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This looks delicious
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Thank you for the suggestion. It looks great.
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I could eat Indian food on the daily and am always excited to try a new place.
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In Need of Stimulation
I am having a difficult time mentally, physically, emotionally and most importantly, economically. Since COVID-19, I have been unemployed. I was a freelancer in a theater production. I now rely on unemployment and spend hours applying for jobs daily.

Congress needs to distribute cash to all. It is our tax money to be utilized for situations exactly like this.

I am urging Mitt Romney to put recurring cash payments into the next stimulus package the Senate is supposed to be working on now, along with the additional $600 weekly unemployment. Congress must work across party lines and care for people.

I received one $1,200 payment. It was quickly used on monthly rent. Senators need to get it: They are rich, secure and have bailed out corporations. Maybe if they lost their job and received $425/week without any time to comprehend the crisis, they'd understand. Sen. Mitt Romney needs to vote to include recurring monthly payments in the stimulus now being negotiated.
Bonnie Jackson
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