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Feedback from September 24 and Beyond 

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RBG Cover, Sept. 24
I'd pay money for a print of this on solid paper and frame it.
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Wow. Beautiful cover. You should sell a high-res print of this cover.
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So happy you are honoring her life.
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Mitt's Response to Trump's SCOTUS Nominee
Party precedent? The Senate GOP is really excited about the Supreme Court vacancy but has been sitting on the House's stimulus package since May as millions of Americans suffer financial devastation.
The only precedent the GOP honors is party over people. There is no honor in that, Mitt.
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As my senator, I really hoped you'd do the integrous thing again, Mitt. So disappointed.
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This is incredibly disappointing. The precedent set in 2016 was, "Don't confirm a Supreme Court justice in an election year. Let the people decide."
Instead, you've twisted that precedent to, "Only confirm a justice if you're in the Senate majority and can screw over your opponent."
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A Slippery Slope to Biden
In high school, I considered it sinful to read City Weekly because my peers told me it was liberal. I remember thumbing through it once and feeling so guilty. I guess that was the slippery slope to me voting for Joe Biden this year.
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Haiku of the Week
It's been said before
Ignorance is fixable
Stupid? Not so much
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Don't Put Yourself Down
Good points made about the Utah attorney general candidates ["The Rotting Tooth," Private Eye, Sept. 17, City Weekly].

But, John, what's all this "I am fat and sluggy" stuff? You are awesome! Don't put down one of our favorite people (you) like that!
Deahna Brown
Salt Lake City

When Your Breath Is a Deadly Weapon
I can't count all the times I've heard political, business and cultural leaders urge Utahns to lead America out of the pandemic. After a very iffy beginning, Utah is presently leading the nation in the exact opposite direction, right back into the depths of the pandemic.

What a great disappointment the people must be to our leaders because of our inability to follow. What a great disappointment our leaders must be to the people because of our leaders' inability to lead.

One obvious failing in Utah's approach is our failure to educate Utahns who believe it is unconstitutional for governments to have laws regulating human behavior.

Let's make this simple. The power to make mandatory mask laws comes under the law against murder. When your breath is a deadly weapon, you don't have the freedom to use it to sicken or kill other people.
Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross

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