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Feedback from September 14 and Beyond 

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Hell, John Saltas looks pretty good for an old Greek guy. I remember him bartending in the reincarnations of Club 39. Can't believe the paper has been around for 40 years—unless I look in the mirror.

Look at the bright side: City Weekly is now the largest (by number of pages) newspaper in the state! Since we lost Tom Barberi and some others, you are left holding the torch of reason now.

Keep the fires burning and keep our lousy politicians guessing and off balance. God bless and by all means have another cold one!

"Trust No One," Sept. 14
Cover Story
Excellent story and counter to those crying about Utah's efforts against children's access to online media.
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Salute to y'all for reporting on this.
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"Take Shelter," Sept. 13
Online News
So we are supposed to be congratulating the city for letting 50 unhoused people camp? This is a mere band-aid on a broken dam.

Where is the real leadership? Why doesn't a church worth billions donate buildings and resources for the people living on their doorsteps?
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Let's hope that this also comes with services and a plan to get these people off the streets permanently. They shouldn't be allowing these folks to live in easements and Liberty Park, for example.

These are public spaces, and no one appreciates seeing what appears to be people gaming the system that ultimately need to get a job and off the streets.
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I'm sure developers at Post District will love having this across the street while trying to rent/lease all the new apartments and commercial space.
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The LDS church has billions in their portfolio, and this is the crap Utah has to do for the less fortunate? Disgusting.
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This is unbelievably, stupidly wasteful and mere pretense. It's a guarantee that our city will be filled with encampments—in parks, neighborhoods and elsewhere. This is the best these people can do?!

The mayor will continue to have police and city contractors steal and destroy the property of unsheltered people as they push them off from where they are, without providing an alternative place for them to go. It's an unnecessarily terrible problem for residents, homeless people and businesses alike.
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Hopefully, we lose fewer lives this winter. There is a man who is unhoused, and he has come to every Farmer's Market since we started there three years ago.

He has had a job for these three years, he is 66 years old and has been working on getting housing. But he has been denied multiple times or put on the waitlist.

He is just trying to get back on his feet, and the system is not designed that way.
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