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Feedback from Sept. 6 and Beyond 

Readers sound off on cannabis, cougars and milkweed.

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Cover story, Sept. 6, "Aflutter"
I keep looking for monarch caterpillars every time I see milkweed. No luck yet.
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Very informative! I've added tons of milkweed to my garden thanks to the help from [conservationist] Rachel Taylor.
Jennifer Carey

Great article. Hoping it inspires more people to plant milkweed.
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Everyone should plant milkweed. Unless you're renting. Then consult your landlord first.
Dustin Clark
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I spare a big patch of milkweed in my Cottonwood Heights neighborhood just for monarchs. We see very few. Sad.
Alan K. Ormsby
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Opinion, Sept. 6, "Two Funerals"
Dear Mr. Robinson,
Hmm, it's odd to write, "Mr. Robinson" with the Paul Simon song about the Mrs. cursing through my noggin.

OK, I will comment later this coming week about your Opinion piece. I liked it, but I think the part about DT's (President Goebbel's) funeral needs work. I mean, where are the golf carts with the Secret Service he charges us, the taxpayer, to use, etc.

I am also writing because you are a "Vietnam-era" assistant PIO. What unit? Where? I ask because a group of men I call my "Heart Brothers," were in the PIO shop at Cu Chi, Vietnam, when I was there. They were with the 25ID; we are still in touch.

There is a project I have in mind—a living worthwhile memorial for our Blue Water Naval personnel from [the] Vietnam-era who still are not covered for Agent Orange and other chemicals our dear Uncle used.

P.S.: Re memorials to [John] McCain, I feel the Richard Russell name should be removed from the Senate office building and it can be called what it used to be called: "the OLD S.O.B." That is a fitting name for McCain and others, don't you think?
Kathleen L. Lundy
Via CW comments

News, Sept. 6, "Monumental Statement"
Awesome work, Shae! Quite an achievement—the painting and how you live your life. Keep on inspiring.
Billy Hensler

The city needs more good art, more murals!
Cody McCoolness
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Online news post, Sept. 6, Medical cannabis proponents allege Drug Safe Utah is misleading voters
Does anyone know who funds Drug Safe Utah?
Mel P. Stone
Via Facebook

The Church of Half-truths of Latter-day Saints.
James Ferrin
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When you don't have anything valid, just make shit up. If they don't like it, call them a snowflake.
Clinton Reid
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Stoners will be stoners.
Michael James Stone
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Ignorant people will be ignorant people.
Dylan Dean Taft
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Online news post, Sept. 7, Religious leaders gather at the Capitol to pray for Utahns contemplating suicide
"Thoughts and prayers" are just the act of pretending to care without actually doing anything.
Lynn Baker
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Yeah, fuck opening churches to the homeless and supporting drug addicts and the mentally ill. Let's pray; that will help.
Derek Peterson
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Actions speak louder than glorified nothing.
Dustin Clark
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I seriously thought this was an Onion headline.
Jessica Sheehan
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News, Aug. 30, "On the Prowl" and Aug. 31, "Far from Purrfect" follow-up
If someone hunts [cougars] out of necessity for food because they won't eat steroid-injected, human-tampered meat, then OK. To all the hunters that do not fall in this category—and you hunt for fun—may you someday be hunted yourself for the kill.
Eneix Taylor
Via Facebook

Agreed. This might be a population-control method.
Peary Andy
Via Facebook

That's not good. Is it that tough to watch your kids and dogs? The idea is to preserve wildlife not shoot it for fun! Leave wildlife alone. Who's the intruder in their habitat?
Cheryl Langston
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Shelley Nyman
Via Twitter

Such BS.
Steven J. Ault
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Heck, just send 'em on down to Club 90, amirite?
Ethan Levitt
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