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Feedback from Sept. 26 and Beyond 

Opinionated readers sound off on racial disparity, the Christian right and funeral potatoes.

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Opinion, Sept. 26, "Utahns Perpetuating the Myth: The Christian Right"
Don't you just love generalizations? Yes, UtALECh is a theocratic state, but 40% of us live outside the church walls. Yes, through the magic of gerrymandering, our 40% is reduced to 15-25% when it comes to political power. Luz [Escamilla] may be a good example of us. The Trib is our voice.
Dennis Read Hanks
Via Twitter

Mormons are told what to do by they're [sic] religion and party like puppies living in La-La Land without potential for anything else, while you are just fine with no plastic straws, no cars, no guns, no freedom of speech, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Max Waters, Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Cortez and the other three stooges, etc. I'll either write you a letter telling you how wrong and chickenshit you are about everything. Or, you with all you're [sic] Fake News connections, can set up a debate—you vs. I. We'll each know the subjects prior, so I can blow you're [sic] ass out of the water. Did you get a lottery number? Because if you didn't, you shouldn't wear a Vietnam badge of service by sitting in an office as an assistant information blah, blah. The debate can be big or small. I've been anxious to debate anyone on the communist left and your [sic] a perfect candidate.
Kurt Tovey
Via CW comments

Dine, Sept. 26, The Roof
I have to thank Alex Springer for his hilarious review of that upscale memorial Dee's, The Roof—the height of which was his recommendation of some dishes to punch up their moribund menu, like shrimp and grits. There was a bit of country logic there, considering one is at ground zero for other local favorites like funeral potatoes, frog-eye salad, green Jell-O and poppin' fresh Lion House rolls. You must consider the population it serves and its location. It's as if City Creek were something other than a large suburban mall.
Steve Ifshin, Salt Lake City

Film reviews, Sept. 27,  Abominable, Judy, The Sound of Silence
A big week for 2.5 Star movies!
Bob Calhoun
Via Twitter

Author Scott Renshaw responds: It is indeed. I believe strongly in the bell curve: most of everything is mediocrity.

Film review, Oct. 1, Joker
I'm gonna guess [reviewer Scott Renshaw] missed the entire point of the movie.
Richard Humberg
Via Facebook

But did it give you a distraction for a couple of hours? Did you enjoy some Milk Duds? Perhaps drink a good ol' Coca-Cola? You know, what a movie should be.
Rick Suchil
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Brown in the Beehive
I've lived in Utah for 25 years, and I still feel like a stranger. The climate of hate against brown people created by the current White House administration has spilled into our suburbs and made it worse. There are areas I avoid because some people's micro-aggressions have become unbearable.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the raping, drug dealing and murdering label their supreme leader has placed on me. I've experienced little things—like cashiers refusing to bag my purchases, to people almost running me over with grocery carts.

My family insisted these were isolated cases until this happened: At a crosswalk, a truck waiting to turn suddenly accelerated toward me. The truck stopped a few feet away as the driver laughed and said things I cannot repeat. This recurrent behavior is strange but not surprising when people's beliefs and values are distilled from the hateful rhetoric of elected officials and their daily Fox News indoctrination.

But where are the teachers and leaders? Why are they not raising their voices against the hate and lies that instill such contempt? When I go to a store, I don't want special treatment, just the same kindness and respect I afford you.
"Anonymous for obvious reasons"
Via CW comments

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