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Feedback from October 5 and Beyond 

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"Right-wing Reckoning," Sept. 28 Opinion
After reading this laughable column by Keith Burns, I'm now going to poke "holes" in his theories. So here we go:

Mr. Burns first talks about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's "conservative positions in opposition to 'handouts' they felt disincentivized work and increased dependency."

Why put out this huge lie when the LDS church feeds the homeless itself! Come on, man, seriously? I was here in Salt Lake City back in 2017 and saw a lot of homeless people then who are still homeless to this day and being fed by the LDS church.

Then, throughout Mr. Burn's politically incoherent rants about the "right-wingers" and " extremists," he fails to realize that human trafficking is very real in the U.S., especially close to the Mexico border.

Operation Underground Railroad founder Tim Ballard was doing something that the LDS church, the far left and you, Mr. Burns, have turned a blind eye and deaf ears to—kids and adults being kidnapped and sold as sex objects to the highest bidder.

I, myself, have worked closely back East in Tennessee to help shut down human trafficking and bring these sickos to justice. In all, Mr. Burns should keep religion separate from the state and let the real grownups handle this.

I give Mr. Tim Ballard two thumbs up for sounding the alarm of human trafficking and an "F" for failure to Mr. Burns and the LDS church.
Salt Lake City

With regard to your recent opinion piece on the distancing of acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles M. Russell Ballard and the Latter-day Saints church from Tim Ballard's organization, I just wanted to affirm (as a pro-abortion-rights, anti-death-penalty, pro-gun-control, secularist Democrat) that one does not have to be a right-winger to oppose "LGBTQ+ civil rights."

It is pretty much a defining characteristic of the LGBTQ+ to want things that are bad for them. And their legitimate rights in relation to their LGBTQ-ness are generally a matter of protection from what they demand protection of.

Nor is that alphabet soup a monolith—there are plenty of atheist lesbian socialists who are horrified by "trans rights."
Carmel, New York

"... Milley Shows the Real Meaning of Patriotism," Oct. 4 Online Opinion
I was pleased to read about Gen. Mark Milley in a column that was written succinctly and accurately when referencing the general's distinguished service and leadership.

Unfortunately, irresponsible comments by former President Donald Trump were made toward Gen. Milley that were disappointing and disingenuous.

I also find it both sad and ironic that Trump's disrespectful comments appeared to be an attempt to discredit a true, lifelong military hero.

There was little purpose for the remarks, especially when made by an individual whose "bone spurs" prevented him from serving his country.

Thank you for doing what is right and recognizing a true American—Gen. Mark Milley.
Bellevue, Ohio

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