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Feedback from October 1 and Beyond 

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Veep Show (Oct. 1 cover image)
I believe and hope that both candidates will be a hell of a lot more respectful toward each other and the moderator.
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Kamala will chew him up and spit out his spiteful bones.
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This will be a lot better and more understandable than the presidential debate.
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I can see this publication isn't biased.
Joe Farabee
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"God and Country," Private Eye column by John Saltas
Kamala is going to make Pence cry, and I can't wait.
Tiffany Lewis
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Pence has nothing to offer. Never has. "I'm white, I love the Bible and I hate anyone who doesn't look like me." He lost before he started.
Jake Willard
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Who cares about debates? Our families supported Obama for two full terms, and now we are ready to support Trump for this and the next term because we don't like [Biden] and [Harris]. Now is time for the president to rock and roll!
Mannie Lugo
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More left-turning than a NASCAR driver. You have declared Kamala Harris the winner of this debate before it has started.
Patrick Sohn
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Pence's calm demeanor will be a breath of fresh air in contrast to Harris' saccharine appeals. And the media will rake him over the coals for it. Most Republicans these days are to the left of JFK, so this probably should not be surprising.
Justin Whitney
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Saltas, you don't know what you are talking about. California is burning, and you support anti-Christian Kamala.
Steve Zervos
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Did I Dream It?
Joe Biden caught COVID at the debate and died. The Democrats shrugged and replaced him with Kamala Harris, on the assumption they could beat Donald Trump with a dead horse, or a fire hydrant or a two-hour lecture on calculus.

Trump survived but spent two months in an induced coma, with breathing tubes down his throat and a glucose drip in his arm. By the time he woke up, Mike Pence had already been confirmed as President by a compliant Congress that was tired of bluster and chaos, and eager for a well-organized reign of theocratic terror.

Pence offered thanks to an ancient family of strange Assyrian demons who had given the year 2020 its uniquely evil, doom-stricken tenor. Then he banished Baal's dark gods back into the subterranean oceans of fire from whence he had originally summoned them ... to help with impeachment. So long, guys. We'll take it from here.
Mark Sten
Portland, Oregon

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