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Feedback from November 2 and Beyond 

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Church and State
Many people are against atheists, and they even somewhat insultingly pray for their "lost" souls.

However, when one looks at history—going back through the Crusades and up through today in the Middle East—there have been religious wars as long as there have been religions.

A big part of the Old Testament was God urging his special tribe to smite the other tribes, even recommending that the infants from the opposing tribes be killed by grabbing them by their little feet and smashing their heads against rocks.

And apparently, God was OK with human sacrifice, goading his buddy Abraham to kill his son, Isaac, but saving the son in the nick of time. God was such a kidder.

Fortunately, for the U.S., our wise forefathers set up our system of separating country from religion. Many fundamentalist would like to change this and saw Trump as their savior.

Interestingly, the U.S. Bible Belt has the most crime. If you get bored, Google and find out the crime rates among atheists.

The horror in the Middle East is not unlike a young boy boasting that his dad can beat up the other kid's dad. It's also very sad and stupid. It's like the Hatfields and the McCoys on a larger and more deadly scale.

Cease Fire
This is what happens when the war power of a democratic nation like the United States is taken over by one cankered, political soul.

Joe Biden, like several presidents before him, has usurped the Constitution-mandated war powers of Congress and now exercises it by himself, excluding the people's representatives from decision-making.

Joe Biden said on Oct. 23—more than two weeks into the massive devastation delivered by Israel in Gaza—that he will not even consider a cease-fire until Hamas releases all of the hostages it has taken. In other words, Joe Biden supports bombing the snot out of Palestinian children until Israel's autocratic leader gets what he wants.

The two autocrats together make a stupendously inhumane and uncompromising team.
Woods Cross

"Mormonwood Magic" Nov. 2 Cover Feature
I'd rather staple my scrotum to the floor than even read about [Mormon cinema's] bullshit movies.
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"Best of Utah coming Nov. 16!" Online Ad
This is literally the worst liberal propaganda newspaper there is.
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