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Feedback from November 12 and Beyond 

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"Breaking It Down" Nov. 12 Cover Story
It was easy to mess up [Amendment G] since the ballot text didn't even mention education. It said that it would be taken from "income taxes and tangible property," which no one realizes is the primary source for education. You have to do research three levels deep to figure out the implications—pretty sneaky.
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A lot of people messed up on Amendment G. It was purposefully worded to make it seem like more money was being earmarked for education and people with disabilities, the exact opposite of what was intended. Why do we continue to allow this type of trickery?
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"Blind Eye," Nov. 12 Private Eye Column
Shame on Republican leaders and voters in Utah.
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Can You Explain the Contradiction?
Six different Mormon couples lived up the street from me over six years, on a mission to help the young missionaries spread The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' religion. As an ex-pat living in Hungary, I was happy to spend time with all of them to speak English and compare our life stories. Every one of them was a Republican.

I will not repeat the facts of the criminal behavior of a president who paid off two prosecutors to drop their cases against him, whose lawyer is in prison for carrying out the president's orders. You know about his inability to be faithful to any wife. You know that he avoids paying contractors, banks and taxes.

I asked one of my Mormon neighbors, "Would you choose this man as a treasurer of your church? Or leave him alone with your daughters in a Sunday school class? Choose him to lead your Scout troop?"

I assume they are reasonably informed, so they know all this. They must have held their noses and voted for someone who supports their political philosophy. This astounds me just as much.

Perhaps, in the West, you believe in the self-reliance of the (vanished) frontier. If you do not want "socialism," then tear up your Medicaid card, return your social security checks, stop sending your children to public schools, stop taking vacations in public parks, stop using the post office and stop driving on interstate highways paid for in part by city people without cars.

If you cannot explain these contradictions, then take the teachings of Jesus seriously and vote to help people instead of hurting them.
Dr. Richard von Fuchs
Sopron, Hungary

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