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Feedback from Nov. 22 and Beyond 

Our readers sound off on anonymous confessions and the medical cannabis "compromise" bill.

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Cover, Nov. 22, "LDS Confessions"
Looks wholesome to me.
Via Twitter

The C-O-N should be capitalized.
Via Instagram

Woah. It takes courage to share your stories.
Franni Cumberledge
Via Facebook

I believe the victims! Not believing them and trying to quiet them, covering for the perpetrator, are things going on right now! That is why this is so important. People who have suffered and been silenced, need a voice. Thank you for your time and effort. Also, thank you to those telling their stories.
Caryle A. Cox

I'm sorry to be the only one [that] has to say this, but you can't trust anonymous comments as truth. Of course, the majority of these comments are likely true. People suck, but also people lie. The church can improve, but also the only way to never have anything bad happen is spend all day and night watching Netflix. Community is vital. Holding criminals accountable is also vital. I hope those who have had real issues raise them with church headquarters so policy can change. Ranting of Facebook won't do a single thing to protect future victims.
Greg Justin Smith

Trying to read the "Recent Confessions" sidebar against the backdrop of that putrid color on page 15particularly for a pair of old eyes in the Sports Mall saunahad to be more painful than the publisher's documented arthritis. Please avoid that god-awful hue in the future.
Mike Ptaschinski,

Editor's note: The following comments were submitted before the Dec. 3 passing of HB 3001, the so-called medical cannabis "compromise" bill. We chose to print them as a time capsule of the voice of the people leading up to the vote.

Private Eye, Nov. 22, "No Compromise"
Don't give up the fight! The LDS Mormons (I'm deliberately using both banned shortcuts to The Corporation of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) have, to their credit or discredit depending on how you feel about them, always acquiesced when facing diminishment of their income.

This time, several of their bigwigs are hanging on to their big pharma portfolios. They'll only give up the fight when it's financially expedient, the same way they did in 1978 after being put on notice that their tax-exempt status was "in review" because of their racist policies regarding black people and equality, and the exact day after Spencer W. Kimball had a little chat with President Jimmy Carter.
Jade "JD" LeBlanc

News, Nov. 22, "Blowing Smoke?"
Excuse me, this is fucking bullshit. We saw how well things ended for the Mormons with Prop 8. Perhaps they should modify it, a lawsuit should be executed, and let this state be a catalyst for nationwide recreational legalization.
Romans Buhmbahks
Via Facebook

I voted for Prop 2 as it was written. I find it highly concerning that something that was voted for can be altered. I did not vote for the compromise nor would I have voted for it if it were on the table. This is not OK.
Michelle Hallett
Via Facebook

If it is not implemented as written, voters must sue.
Dylan Taggart
Via Facebook

The compromise bill is ridiculous and should not even be on the table. We voted, 'nuff said. Separate church and state
Kari Taylor Schreck
Via Facebook

Call your representatives, Because that is what it will take. All of us calling, everyday and telling them—if you do not implement as passed, I will do everything in my power to unseat you! I will donate, I will campaign for a representative that follows the will of the people.
Iris Nielsen
Via Facebook

So, to summarize, voters voted for and passed a proposition instead of voting against the proposition and having the Legislature pass their own version of a medical cannabis bill. Now, the king, I mean governor, is calling a special session to pass the state's version anyway. Did we really think Utah's rulers would follow the will of the people? Gee, I'm glad they know what's best for us!
Dan Jacobsen
Via Facebook

Good old Utah—a world of its own!
David Wharton
Via Facebook

People will continue to go to Colorado or Nevada ... and so will tax dollars.
Donna Sorenson Jackson
Via Facebook

Online news post, Nov. 27, Hundreds turn out for a public hearing on Proposition 2 and the "compromise" lawmakers could pass next week
Drop the "compromise" and the job is done. That is what the voters voted for.
Cassius Seeley
Via Facebook

Implementation as written and passed. No compromise!
Dylan Taggart
Via Facebook

This really is outrageous. I can't believe the hoops they make you jump through. And you can't grow your own? Does big pharma already have a monopoly there and own the government? We are going to have to vote recreation legal to get fair access for patients.
Dave Caldwell
Via Facebook

Prop 2 was voted on 28 pages and now to 182 pages. They are making this very difficult for patients to obtain the medicine that is needed.
Joe Russo
Via Facebook

They are attempting to usurp the will of the citizens. This is incorrect!
Stephen Hemingway
Via Facebook

Listen, the only reason [cannabis] is feared is because it's illegal. Legalize it and watch the stress melt away!
Nina Knudsen
Via Facebook

Welcome to the authoritarianism of the 12 dictators of the socialist state of Utah. Your vote is just a false sense of freedom as our so called representatives on the hill above the castle of socialism conform to the outcry of the 12, not the people.
Jon B. Hallman
Via Facebook

This is an example of making work for yourself. There was no work to do. It had already been done.
Mark Stubbs
Via Facebook

Not so. The Quorum hadn't spoken officially yet.
Dennis W. Bergendorf II
Via Facebook

We can still get street weed though, right?
Brian Hatch
Via Facebook

Yup. And if you're caught with it, you get free housing, medical and three meals a day.
Melania Merrill
Via Facebook

Dispensaries [will be] opening soon in Wendover!
Greg J. Hunt
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