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Feedback from Nov. 14 and Beyond 

Our opinionated readers sound off on representation, homelessness and downtown's old Utah Theater.

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Cover story, Nov. 14, "Draggily Ever After"
Shane Ingleby
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Katie Ayala
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Representation for all is so important. Thank you, Salt Lake.
Kristin Gren
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Julie Walsh
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This is so cool!
Brittney Hemingway
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News, Nov. 14, "Iced Out? Homeless advocates and activists call for The Road Home to stay open through the winter months"
Yep, Utah government states, "We care about homeless." Then to prove it, shuts down a shelter just before winter and leave no other place for the homeless to be. Yep, they really care.
If they cared, they would employ these people to pick up garbage, sweep city sidewalks, something. Most of them did not want to be homeless in the first place.
Randy Northrup

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Cinema, Nov. 14, "Playing Chicken: Ford v Ferrari and the balance between highbrow cinema and pure entertainment"
That was the dumbest analogy and review ever. The movie was a great story and that is what movies are. We got to see the cars tonight and 30 of us went and had a great time ... kids and adults. We didn't have any fried chicken but we had popcorn and hot dogs. :)
Kimberly C. Foster


Online news post, Nov. 14, "Curtains Closing: City councilmembers deliberate over the fate of the historic downtown Utah Theater"
Preserving history and historical buildings is important but there also needs to be some consideration given to the cost of conservation. I've toured and photographed the Utah Theater and although it still shows aspects of its original beauty and grandeur, it was also in abysmal condition.
"... the Redevelopment Agency cited two analyses that estimated it would cost the city between $43 and $70 million to pay for a renovation of the theater."
That price tag is incredible and for that cost you could pay for a new theater such as the Mountain America Performing Arts Centre in Sandy, which cost $80 million.
Sam Scholes
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The Mountain America Center is an ugly eyesore. The point being is once we destroy something of historical significance, we can't get it back ... I'd much rather see my tax dollars go to pay for something like this vs. the fucking inland port.
And as to a residential tower ... there's so many apartments sitting empty downtown that most can't afford. If it's condos, then again were peddling it to people who can drop a million, which again plays to only a specific group vs. meeting the actual needs of the community.
Jennifer Guest Billingsley
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It needs to go, but the proposed replacement should include more affordable housing (seniors and students). Let's fight gentrification as much as we can.
Dennis Read Hanks
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I (and friends) took the bus from Sandy to go to the movies downtown, long before all the ones at malls. We didn't have cars or licenses for that matter, early '60s and up. We went to the Utah, the Rialto, the Uptown, etc. and others and stopped at Auerbach's and ZCMI before it was a mall. That's how old I am. I hate to see the Utah theater demolished but I'm afraid it will happen.
Michael Adams
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Restore. I performed in plays at this theater. It's an amazing building and it needs to be saved.
Staycie Gabriel
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