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Feedback from May 7 and Beyond 

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Opinion, May 7,
"You're Fired"

I'm a longtime reader, going back to when I moved to Park City in 2004.

Having started my own underground newspaper in high school in 1968, at age 15, I've followed the evolution from underground to alternative press over the years.

My younger brother edited the Vermont Vanguard Press in Burlington for many years in the '80s and then edited and later was publisher of Connecticut's New Haven/Hartford Advocate papers until Tribune bought them and ruined the business plan.

I wanted to just say that Martina Navratilova, Chrissie Evert, Billie Jean King, Arthur Ashe (RIP) and Roger Federer are all tennis players who've done a lot of good and didn't seen either arrogant or selfish to me. And I don't even care for tennis.

But I do love baseball, and the Texas Rangers had a shortstop by the name of Toby Harrah. Those few of us named Toby tend to remember things like that.

As for hockey, the strategies are not that different from basketball or, for that matter, soccer.

It's all about puck (or ball) control on offense and regaining control when on defense. And, of course, scoring. They play as a true team unit, with set plays and the ability to jump up and improvise to take advantage of defensive lapses by the other team. And, yes, hockey fans are by far the most passionate and vocal.

Baseball is more individual in a lot of ways, like the batter/pitcher matchup, but there's definitely a team aspect to it, as fielders adjust their positioning from batter to batter and even pitch to pitch, as the situation evolves.

And if you can watch from high above, every time a ball is hit into play, watching how all nine defensive players move according to the situation, it is a thing of beauty.

And golf? The participants are more likeable? Than who?

Loved the column once it got going. You nailed it beginning with paragraph 4. Keep up the good work.
Toby Mamis
via email

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