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Feedback from May 5 and Beyond 

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"Short Circuit," May 5 Cover Story
It appears that the state tax offices and the county tax offices are not putting forth the effort needed to provide information on the program known as "Circuit Breaker." Had I not lived in an Episcopal Church-owned building with a building coordinator, I, too, wouldn't have known about the renter refund/rebate program.

As a retiree with no dependents, living on Social Security and a small annuity, my finances are such that I have not paid federal or state income taxes for the past 12 years. The tax offices practically don't know that I exist. I would fall through the cracks like so many others.

This article was good, but it is the only one I have seen in four years of Utah residency. No daily newspaper—when there was still such a thing—ever covered the topic, and likewise for senior citizen-oriented publications. Nothing.

Will legislators do anything to correct the problems pointed out in the article? Not likely. Witness the debacle with the food tax increase in 2019 and 2020. The poor are disenfranchised, whether they are seniors or working stiffs.
Salt Lake City

What's Next for Republicans?
Now that the GOP is hellbent on doing away with a woman's right to a safe abortion, and Republican govenors are wanting to ban books and to eliminate voting rights, what comes next? Will the Southern states try to reinstitute slavery?

We must remember that the former slave states were the ones that put Trump into the Oval Office. Widespread poverty, poor educational systems and rampant meth use further define the Bible Belt states. Outside of the South, the two most backward conservative states are Idaho and Utah. And in these two states, white, Mormon, Republican males rule.

At least Utah has Salt Lake County to partially buffer against the more Trumpian rural areas. However, the conservative, mostly white, all-male Republican Mormons hold all of Utah's seats in the U.S. House and Senate. Even Sen. Mike Lee—the "constitutional scholar" who was among those supporting the attempted overthrow of the U.S. presidential election—will probably be reelected by faithful voters.

"'D' Is for Donkey," May 5 Private Eye
I'm a Democrat, but we need to be strategic right now.

I'd rather see Sen. Mike Lee out. Dems won't win, and writing-in someone who said, "Don't vote for me," is literally wasting your vote.
ERIN BAIN | Via Facebook

Sounds like a great way to get Mike Lee, a vile and corrupt man, reelected. Sometimes, you just gotta vote strategically.
MATT STARLING | Via Facebook

Conservatives are subhuman creatures hellbent on fortifying the patriarchy with brutal and brain-dead policies. They need to be removed by any means.

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