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Feedback from May 31 and Beyond 

Our readers sound off on drag, Roseanne and Romney.

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Cover story, May 31, "Hello, Jason!"
He's fabulous!
Susan Ballard
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Such a good article. Congratulations, you're amazing!
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Love, love, love this!
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You're [sic] story about Jason CoZmo is garbage. That is not local drag. That is not the definition of local drag. That is expensive drag that does not celebrate the diversity of drag performers and style; the interview coming from a person with [an] over-inflated ego who only sees dollar signs when it comes to drag. It is professional drag for money, not for expression, not for [its] viewers, not for the LGBT community. It gives a very narrow view of drag shows and just promotes the misunderstandings and cliché expectations of what drag is. There are a lot of performers hurt over your article. Word of mouth can really hurt people, and I'll see to it that it hurts you. You want local drag, come to a Provo show like a Divine Sister Misters or Glamateur Hour and see what we do, see what drag can be and really is. If you insist on limiting yourselves to SLC, go to [an] Operation Gender Juice show, a Forbidden Fruits show, a Moth Closet show. I'm not a verbally kind person, it's taken a lot not to be more hostile. Many friends and family members are readers, I'll make sure they aren't anymore and make sure they spread the word, too. I myself will never look at or pick up another issue.
Lilith Ziza Oresa,

Jason CoZmo responds: First, let me tell you I am a fourth generation Utah local, born and raised in Magna. The article I was featured in covered that. I employ 6-8 local drag queens every weekend to a sold-out crowd of, again, local patrons. When I lived away from Utah, I regularly traveled back here to do shows and this is how I developed a fan base.

Moving on. Yes, my costumes are expensive. No one has ever handed me anything. My drag is an accumulation of the years I have worked all over the country and I have handmade and/or paid for everything myself. I take great pride in my drag, and it shows. I learned long ago to make smart investments when it comes to my drag closet. It is, at the end of the day, how I make a living. As my biggest inspiration Dolly Parton said, "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap"—and she wasn't lying.

To be clear, there is no "narrow view" that stems from our show. We bring in the most diverse audience of any show here in Utah, more so than most theater companies. And just because Salt Lake City Weekly chose to feature me on their Pride issue cover—when other LGBTQ magazines featured out-of-town talent that had nothing to do with our community—this doesn't mean CW doesn't support other local queens. Many queens have an issue with me saying "I made new local queens" in the article. In response, I have made new local queens. I have hired local performers in my show with zero background in drag and have trained them to shine onstage. I've hired queens who have felt rejected and outcast by their drag families, and I have given them a home and a safe space to feel accepted. Please tell me how that is a bad thing?

This show has done so much good for not only the LGBTQ community, but also for our straight allies. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to attend, as long as you're respectful. If you don't want to attend, please don't disparage those who do. We are all different, and that is what makes us all so beautiful. Maybe stop hiding behind a screen while tearing down others, and instead start a small business of your own, run for office or donate to a charitable cause? Stop belittling those that are making progressive change in Utah. It's time for this Utah queer community to grow up and start fighting the real enemies in our state, not the local business owners who have done nothing but build positive change.

Private Eye, May 31, "Stay Proud"
Oh, John, what a great piece on our own local Roseanne Barr. I knew about her sister but this is the first I've heard of her brother. It's good to know that sometimes the times are a changin' for the better. Also, love the cover pic on this week's CW!
Lorna Hardy,
Millcreek City

John, you and I were blocked the same day by Roseanne. I remember the exchange well. It was over global warming, haha.
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Online news post, June 6, "The Man, the Mitt, the Legend"
"Wholesome" has a whole different meaning when it oozes from a venture capitalist's speech organ.
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I think he means, "Let's bring another plethora of call centers and fulfillment centers to Utah so the young people who work there can build up enough tolerance and resilience to enjoy being harassed by customers every day all while having to work overtime to be able to pay their rents."
Matt Morris
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Then kill them with ozone and air particulates before 65 so we don't have to pay out.
Peter Muscarello
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Mitt is such a tool.
Lyn Robison

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