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Feedback from May 30 and Beyond 

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GOP Death Rattle
With nary a breath of variation in their script, Utah Republicans have condemned the Trump hush-money verdict as a massive conspiracy by Democrats to destroy everything lovely, true, patriotic and right about America.

Republicans look past the matter of the stealing of the 2016 election by means of illegal manipulation of business records as if that were a totally inconsequential concern.

They similarly marginalize America's jury trial system as if that were a small matter as well.

When interviewed on June 2 on Fox & Friends Weekend, Trump said he is "not sure the public would stand for [him being sentenced to jail time]."

His supporters could possibly reach a "breaking point." This is a dog-whistle signal for them to break a lot of things in protest.

This all sounds like the death rattle of a once admirable political party.

On May 30, Donald Trump's wannabe running mate Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, went on Fox News' Hannity show to say that the Manhattan hush-money trial was "the most outrageous travesty" he has ever seen. He said: "This is a quintessential show trial. This is what you see in communist countries."

Let's see now—in Communist show trials, juries are packed with party loyalists; whereas in the Manhattan trial, the 12 jurors were approved by attorneys from both the prosecution and the defense. In Communist show trials, the defendant loses his life. In the Manhattan trial, Trump lost a little campaigning time.

In a Communist show trial, the justice system is run by a totalitarian dictator without elections. In the Manhattan trial, the prosecutor, governor, president and everyone else down to dogcatcher is elected in the light of day in free elections.

MAGA Republican voters believe whatever a party bigwig like Rubio says. They just want to go with the flow, have some fun wearing red hats and save their own skins.

In fact, it's Rubio and his boss who are the ones using Communist smear tactics in America.

Democrats don't seem to have the ability or the will to expose the propaganda Republicans are throwing at them.
Woods Cross

MAGA Saints
It's so revealing of their true moral and ethical values as the white, straight, Utah Latter-day Saint GOP elected officials all clutch their pearls in shock as their savior Donald Trump is facing prison for having been found guilty of 34 felonies.

This is interesting as the Latter-day faithful who masturbate even once without confessing to their bishops can't get into the LDS Celestial Kingdom. I eagerly and foolishly await for top church leaders to explain this.

Trump Verdict
Oh, happy day! Guilty—34 counts.
Salt Lake City

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