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Feedback from May 28 and Beyond 

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Oh, say can you see?
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Life > property. Do not equate this to the violence black people are suffering in Utah and throughout the nation
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It's clear the People who have been unprotected by the excessive corruption in our government have had it.
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All the tagging and broken glass are due to white boys with skateboards.
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What a sad world we live in today.
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This did not solve anything.
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On the Protests
Why are our cities crumbling just at the point they are supposed to be opening?

Our best efforts at home, school, work, and in the public square have produced a couple generations of youth who are brash, bored, self-centered, poorly educated, constantly entertained, inexperienced, recently unemployed, and largely disheartened with what little they know about rule of law.

And what is it that they do know about American law? They know that the justice system administers the law racially, not equally, and that police have been given a license to kill with impunity.

Urban protesters don't trust moralist authority. They don't believe in the religion of their ancestors. They have been invited by business advertisers, the sports and arts worlds, political parties and the media to worship celebrities, so that's what they do.

In 2020, the rising generations are no longer rising. They have seen life cave in on them from all sides, setting off existential insecurities they see no other way of handling than with collective anarchy.
Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross

Forgot One for Best of Utah Body and Mind
You unfortunately forgot one of the most important body workers in Utah: Mary Phillips, certified advanced rolfer (, 801-809-2560).
Get on it quick!
Archie Phillips
Salt Lake City

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