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Feedback from May 27 and Beyond 

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Pride Issue May 27 Cover Story
Fun! Can't wait. Though the cover makes me want the parade and all the festivities!
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Thank you for keeping the SLC PRIDE legacy alive!
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Pride Issue May 27: Under the Umbrella Bookstore
If my favorite gay bars are gone, at least we get a bookstore.
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The book pictured, Red White & Royal Blue, is such a fun summer read. I highly recommend!
Tiffany Lewis
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Stand for Palestinian Human Rights
The University of Utah White Coats 4 Black Lives chapter stands in solidarity with Palestinians in their struggle against the escalating settler-colonial violence perpetrated by the state of Israel.

From relentless shellings of residential locations, to forced displacement from homes, to brutal attacks on worshipers at the Al-Aqsa mosque, the Israeli government has demonstrated, yet again, that the state's existence is predicated upon the denial of human rights to Palestinian people.

We demand that the University of Utah and the School of Medicine immediately cease all collaboration with Israeli institutions, including businesses, institutions of higher education and military/defense contractors. Further, we demand that the medical school issue a statement in support of the Palestinian struggle against Israeli violence.

As training and practicing medical professionals, we have an obligation to speak out against the asymmetric and genocidal violence currently being perpetuated by the Israeli government. We criticize the role of the U.S., itself a settler colony, in supporting Israeli violence, and we demand that the School of Medicine do the same.
UUSOM White Coats for Black Lives chapter
Salt Lake City

Ads That Mislead, Deceive
Today, it's not hard to find at least one distortion, exaggeration or outright lie in every popular business advertisement.

An HVAC business promises service "within 90 minutes." Yeah, and I promise never to take another bite of chocolate, too. One company in the cosmetic surgery industry says it will "permanently remove stubborn fat." Hmm, not unless you can keep your patients' mouths shut.

A health care insurer lists a myriad of "free" services. Not so, slicksters. Ancillary services may vary from company to company, but their costs are rolled into the overall price.

A car company reminds folks, "When you do good, you feel good." So now used-car dealers, and maybe loan sharks, too, are totally Zen?

It's nice to see huge companies promising to move toward carbon neutrality. But what good is zero carbon out the front door when lying-in-advertising is exploding through the back door?

But even the corporate green promise is a magic trick. After all, who is going to remember a carbon promise made in 2021 when the target year 2035 rolls around and the company is still burning coal?
Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross

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