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Feedback from May 23 and Beyond 

Readers share their opinions on the guv and Utah's Pride Center.

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Cover story, May 23, Summer Indie Movie Guide

Bruh, I don't know about you ... I for one plan on covering my phallus up and not burning it with sunrays!
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Opinion, May 23, "Alabama's Hot-Pepper Law"

I get you hate President Trump. You tell us all the time. I wished you would have wrote a piece about Arlington instead for this last issue instead of the trash you spewed out on print.
Dean Michael Halladay

News, May 23, "Loud, Proud & Funded"

This is so very important.
Deb Schiff
Via Facebook

I am so freaking proud of the work Utah Pride Center does for our community, and so proud of my brilliant friend [community events manager] Hillary McDaniel.
Aubri Martin-Parmenter
Via Facebook

Money won't solve this problem—we can only do this together as a local community. I am proud to work at the Utah Pride Center—our SAGE program is literally holding a QPR training right now downstairs. Suicide prevention is the work we do every day and it comes in many forms, from support groups to providing brave spaces for people to be their authentic selves. The way our government signals that an issue is important is through funding, but that is just one way to fight this epidemic. I miss the friends I have lost—no amount of money will bring them back.
Hillary McDaniel
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Online news post, May 23, "What's Eating Gary Herbert?"

Because God forbid the government follows the will of the people instead of the church.
Janet Buckingham
Via Facebook

What's eating Gov. Herbert is that he can't separate his church from state. He needs to step down as he can't represent the people of Utah by following this church's commands.
Eric Schroeder
Via Facebook

The fact that he started off by saying he likes a lot of what Trump and Pence are doing raises real big flags ...
Patty McBride Paulsen
Via Facebook

No. Not again. Send him on a mission to Mars. [I've] had enough of Available Jones.
Ed Winslow
Via Facebook

He supports life-killing pollution in the name of jobs and progress, signs an unconstitutional abortion-ban law which will cost millions to defend, then wants to raise my taxes with regressive sales tax. Another pol with so much winning.
Kate Murphy Clark
Via Facebook

So can Herbie tell us what some of the things are that he likes? I'll bet he can't ...
Debra Vasquez
Via Facebook

Herbert is a hypocrite.
Diane Armstrong
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Gary Herbert 2020? We would love to see Trump challenged within the Republican Party! Would the Utah Republican Party back Gov. Gary Herbert in a 2020 presidential run?
Utahns for Political Ethics & Accountability
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