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Feedback from May 13 and Beyond 

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"Us vs. Us" May 13 Private Eye column
Now you listen up, Mr. Saltas. You've said some really negative stuff about Utah's duly elected congressmen, Burgess Owens and Chris Stewart.

Well, I'm not the kind of guy who would let that slide by except for the fact that in the case of Owens and Stewart, it's all true. They are such bums.

Next time, write something I can find fault with. Finding fault is more fun.
Steve Warren
West Valley City

"Teardown for What?" May 6 cover story
These developments take away from the character of the area. They're disruptive to our neighborhoods. My neighborhood is dealing with a [developer project] that's long over schedule. They have hit our personal vehicles, operate at all hours and are aggressive toward us. These properties aren't priced to solve any kind of affordable housing issues, so sit down if you think that is that kind of protest opportunity. The Aves and Capitol Hill aren't the area to build in for those issues. Take it up with the downtown skyscrapers.
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In our neighborhood, a house was bought by a private developer who converted it into three apartments to use as an AirBNB—despite this being against Draper City code, Salt Lake County code and our HOA regulations and zoning. This case was taken to court and the residents lost out to this private developer's money.

This house could've gone to a family in the community but now it will be a mini hotel. No wonder there's a housing crisis happening in this country (and our state) again.
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Saying that adding density destroys affordability is completely false. With huge demand and low supply the current "affordable" units will not be affordable.
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I'm begging you to actually read some research on housing affordability before writing these pieces.
If you're going to run interference for wealthy homeowners, you should at least be aware that's what you're doing.
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Using fear-mongering practices like comparing SLC to Beijing is ridiculous. It's clear that we need to densify if 50,000 more people will live in the city in the next 10 years.
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Let me play my tiny violin for the Avenues and Yalecrest neighborhoods, LOL. This article is trash. No mention of red-lining ? Nothing about the disproportionate amount of affordable housing going up on the west side vs. east side ? The huge equity gap between certain areas?
Dave @wanderingdave
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"Takin' It to the Streets" (closing downtown Main Street at night)May 13 arts feature
Sounds like the perfect time for another date night!
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Something everyone from all political backgrounds can get behind!
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Yes! Make it permanent. No cars on Main in downtown.
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