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Feedback from March 28 and Beyond 

Readers share their thoughts on beer, the Legislature and the former Moab police chief.

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News, March 28, "Missing Metals"
There is no role in science for politics. Keep them separate or we're all in trouble. Just like church and politics needs to stay separate.
Diane Armstrong
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Dine, March 28, "Battle of the 'Tos"
The machaca burrito from Alberto's on 500 South and 300 West! (The other Alberto's add tomatoes; yech!)
Steve Bayer
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Beer Nerd, March 28, "The Politics of Beer"
The ridiculousness in state legislation never ceases to amaze.
Alison Ecks
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"Not wanting another Prop 2 situation on their hands, legislators struck a deal that would up the ABW of beer to 4 percent" Except Prop 2 was a grassroots effort to legally change the law which was hijacked by an illegal abuse of power. When Walmart and Maverik or any other corporation speaks ... the righteouslature for sale listens.
Jody Eastman
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Online news post, March 29, "Mayoral March Madness"
I feel offended I was not included since my campaign promise of beer gardens and taco trucks on every corner is a hit with the voters.
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My money is on [Richard] Goldberger.
Robert Gehrke
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I'm shocked that the percentage of female candidates is higher than 15%.
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Online news post, April 2, Guv signs hate crimes bill into law
And there's the church! And proof there is no separation between church and state in Utah.
Diane Armstrong
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Why wish upon a star, when you can pray to the man who made it?
Jennifer Hansen
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Nothing says hate more than a ban on abortion after 20 weeks. Less than 8% and after a time women find out medical issues.
Sara Pittman
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I'm good as long as hating Gov. Herbert isn't a crime.
Brandon Taylor
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Opinion on Opinion
Dear City Weekly,
Yesterday marked the second straight week of looking up from the Opinion page and asking myself out loud "What did I just read?"

I can't speak to a larger sample size, but please consider the ramifications of Michael S. Robinson Sr.'s recently problematic writing while editing his work and publishing it in the future. "Chastity Belts: The Latest Fashion Craze?" buried the actual issue of our legislature's recent tightening of women's rights (HB136 and ... what? I'd like to learn something reading Weekly opinions) behind juvenile satire. The false equivalence of female genital mutilation (FGM) to conversion therapy in "Utah and Somalia: Not So Different" is also unhelpful, although there was a slightly informative (if heavy-handed anti-Mormon) explanation of the failure of HB399, bookended by the head-scratching comparison to FGM. FGM is a separate, serious issue that deserves better than to be trotted out in the margins for clicks and views.

Ultimately, thank you for continuing to cover the issues that I and so many Utahns care about. I hope that those issues, including reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights, can be covered with informative, accurate and constructive seriousness that is a hallmark of the City Weekly and good journalism everywhere.
Danny Gibson,
Salt Lake City

Jim Winder does not play well with others. One of the nicest things I can say about him is he will never be accused of being a politician.

As sheriff of Salt Lake County, he refused to talk to the city's mayor and police chief.

When he was hired as police chief, the city of Moab was desperate to find a replacement for Police Chief Michael Navarre, who quit suddenly and without warning.

Winder took advantage of the situation. He demanded and received a salary of $150,000 a year, $20,000 more than Chief Navarre was getting—and the same amount he was being paid as sheriff of Salt Lake County!

He is disturbingly thin-skinned, something I experienced first-hand after I politely wrote asking to see him about the behavior of one of his officers. Chief Winder refused to call me for three months. Eventually, I had to call the mayor and the city manager before he relented to call me back.

According to Chief Winder's daily appointment calendar I obtained, (thank you, GRAMA) he did very little in his first year. Over 80% of his appointment calendar was blank! What little he did as police chief was mostly ceremonial.

In my opinion, he took the job in Moab to remove himself from the toxic situation he helped create in SLC—while collecting the same salary. During his subsidized hiatus here, he began the task of looking for a real job back in Salt Lake.

That real job turns out to be chief of investigations for the S.L. County D.A.'s office, something he forgot to tell the good people of Moab last week when he announced he was leaving.

I hope the new job isn't too political for Mr. Winder—I wish him luck. I also think he owes Moab an apology for his cynical use of the people and resources of this community.
Brian Donegan,

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