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Feedback from March 22 and Beyond 

Our readers opine on goat tacos, rabbit meat and gun control.

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Cover story, March 22, "Are You Ready for Some Fútbol?
So excited for this team! Great cover.
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They aren't the newest pro team. The rugby team, the Utah Warriors, is technically the newest pro team.
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Dine, March 22, "Rock the Goat!"
Just went had their cabeza taco (they were out of goat) and it was divine!
Andrei Malyuchik
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News, March 1, "Hare Apparent"
Eat Thumper? No.
Susan Ballard
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Jeezus, go catch squirrels or road kill.
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We have a rabbit as a pet. While I couldn't fathom killing and consuming it, I have eaten rabbit before and have no objections to people raising them as livestock.
Corban Anderson
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Growing up on a farm, we had an understanding: If a rabbit, chicken, pig or calf had a name, it was a pet. If it did not, it was food.
Lynn Baker
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Blog post, March 24, 'How Much Longer Do We Have to Deal With This Shit?'
State-sponsored youth demonstrations to restrict freedoms. Pretty scary.
Dave Caldwell
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Didn't Obama already come and take your guns? Oh, that's right, he didn't because no one is coming to take your guns away. Just like no one is coming to take away your right to own a gun.
Mykael Hill
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I wish students would put some effort into understanding why their generation is shooting each other at school. It never happened when I was a kid. Rather than blame guns, they should figure out what's wrong with them.
Bruce Hiskey

Never thought I'd see the day people marched in the streets to ask their government for fewer rights while declaring the Constitution outdated.
Mike Stapley
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Why do most of the [comments] seem to belittle these gatherings?
Mike Mitchell
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Because Utah is the gun-nut capital of America.
Josh Divelbiss
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How much longer do we have to deal with dumbasses who think that talking about gun control is trying to destroy the Second Amendment?
Jason Allen
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Blog post, March 28, "Guv Signs Medicaid Expansion Bill"
It is really a joke.
Deanna Bishoff Garcia
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