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Feedback from March 11 and Beyond 

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Remembering Tony Caputo
A food legend. Tony will be missed by our community. Sending lots of love all around!
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Tony Caputo was such a character! He loved the City Weekly and was so proud of his Best of Utah awards for Best Sandwiches. One of the conditions when I sold him ads for City Weekly was he wanted all the Best of Utah plaques. Back then, we just started making them, and we were behind in distributing. Problem solved = advertiser and friend for life.
Christa ZARO @phillytoslc
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Our deepest condolences. Grateful for his hospitality and contributions to our community. May his memory be eternal.
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So sorry to hear the loss of such an amazing man. My heart goes out to you and your family, sending love and prayers.
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So very sorry for his family's loss. I don't know what to believe about the afterlife, but I do like to imagine Tony raising a glass, wherever he is.
Jodi Nelson
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He was a good man, one of the best bosses. Just an all-around kind person. My heart goes out to you guys.
Michelle Carfaro
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A Plea for Accountability and Justice
With the murder of my son, when the justice system failed my son and his family and friends, I learned firsthand about qualified immunity and Monell Doctrine. 

[Editor's note: Qualified immunity shields government entities (i.e., police, district attorneys and judges) from civil liability for violating a civilian's constitutional rights in most circumstances.]

The only consolation the state can offer for such a loss is justice. It is a stinging addition to my grief that justice was far from the highest priority in the investigation and prosecution of my son's murder (from the attorneys who proposed an unjust plea arrangement to the judge's clerk being the defendant(s)' cousin, a board of pardons member who was a prosecuting attorney in the murder case—a conflict of interest!).

I suffered greatly through this system from the District Attorney's Office, the 3rd District Court, Victims' Advocates and the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole. You can read about it on my website:

Under these unjust doctrines, the power of the district attorney without accountability keeps the authority in question and the "immunity shields" in place.

Qualified immunity and the Monell doctrine—both court-invented doctrines—will never provide a sense of closure or justice in the murder of my son. Prosecutorial immunity doesn't appear in the U.S. Constitution nor in any law passed by Congress. I believe it contradicts section (1983) of the Civil Rights Act which states "every person" who violates the rights of another "shall be liable to the party injured."

The abolishment of prosecutorial immunity, qualified immunity and the Monell doctrine is needed to restore Americans' ability to obtain relief when state and local officials violate their legal constitutionally secured rights.
Nancy Johnson
South Salt Lake

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