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Feedback from June 4 and Beyond 

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Private Eye column "My Tipping Point"
by John Saltas

I try to vote for the person—not the party.
Alvin Ashe
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I did end up switching [registering as a Republican for the primary] and will be voting for Huntsman. ... [When Huntsman was governor] we saw a huge change in the laws that governed our local liquor industry come out of that.

I do hope that I'll be able to quickly switch back, though.
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This Republican friend admires your principles—something that is sorely lacking in today's political climate.
Mike Behunin
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Thank you, John Saltas! Thanks for your context, reasoning and words. They've helped me through this tangle of thorny vines as the primary election nears.
Robert Nelson
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We [registered Republican]. To have any influence in Utah politics, it is necessary.
Michael Feldman
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I am nauseated by this concept, but I just registered as a Republican. I can't wait to dump that designation. I feel dirty already, my soul feels dirty.
Ken Hollen
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Every one of the GOP gubernatorial candidates is pro-Trump. Every damned one. I'm right with you, John. I can't do it. I'm a lifelong Carbon County Democrat who can't join with people who put party above principle, even temporarily.
Jim Bunnell
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Remember when Utah voted for legit Democrats like Frank Moss and Scott Matheson? Land preservation was a value?
Francis Fecteau
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Been a registered independent all my life.
Two weeks ago, I registered as a Republican to help keep Hughes out of office.
Soon as I vote in the primary, I will switch back and shower at the car wash to get the stench off.
Jonathan Krausert
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