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Feedback from June 25 and Beyond 

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The Oscar Goes to By John Saltas
Let's stop doing pregnancy tests so the pregnancy rate goes down!
Jim Lauscher
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I used to call him Available Jones, but now I think I will call him Jim Jones. Congress appropriated $25 billion dollars for testing, there is still $18 billion left. You cannot end a program that is paid for.
Sara Pittman
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More of Trump's puppets. Great article, City Weekly.
Kendra Nicolodemos
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Sadly, the other Republicans candidates—Hughes, Wright and "No Mask" Huntsman—are even worse in their approach to COVID-19. No policies other than "personal choice" on social distancing masks.
And even more sad that the Democratic nominee doesn't have any chance in the general election.
Larry Smith
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They gotta back their clown, orange joke of a boss.
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Speaking the truth!
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Stay on 'em, John.
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Black Voices Matter —Part 2
Weird how treating someone of color like a human is somehow considered "politics." Racists will do anything to whine about Black people not wanting to be murdered for something a cop would chuckle at me for and say, "Have a good day," even if it means supporting murderers.
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Go, Ashley [Cleveland]! I'm so proud of you!
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The journey to true equality for us Blacks will be full of imperfect allies. But it's better to walk together than alone like we have been.
Forrell Scott
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Excellent. These voices—and their stories—must be heard. They are who know the situation and provide solutions. Thanks, City Weekly, for once again bringing us what is reality.
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Wow! Thank you!
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