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Feedback from June 17 and Beyond 

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"Rising to the Occasion" June 10 Cover Story
Parsons' Bakery
Parsons' is a great bakery. Best sugar cookies around!
Lucy Christensen
Via Facebook

I remember Parsons' Bakery in Richfield. Love the raisin-filled cookies, gumdrop cookies and cinnamon rolls.
Was tickled when the Bountiful bakery opened.
Still love the raisin-filled ones and wish they'd bring back the gumdrop cookies!
Jan Hagen
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My gram would take us there when we would visit in the summer.
Monica Liley
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Eclair French Pastry
Congratulations to Chef Youssef!
Ginger Moore
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That looks like heaven to me.
Debbie Hollenbeak
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Their coffee eclairs and lavender eclairs are to die for.
Kat McDaniel
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These treats are sent straight from heaven! Raspberry lemon is the ticket.
Tiffany Sleight Profsky
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"Best of Utah Body and Mind" June 17 Cover Story
Best Dentist: Kirkland Graham
Absolutely amazing staff and experience. I've been going to The Dental Spa for years, even when I lived out of state.
Via Instagram

Best Boxing Club/Kickboxing Gym: Rebel House
Seriously the best boutique gym in Utah! Community, workout, and overall well being!
Via Instagram

Best Sound Healer: Leah Klein
Congrats! You deserve it for all of your hard work, Leah!
Via Instagram

Sound healing works! Vibration, resonance. There's a girl on You Tube with lupus who plays her violin to dissolve pain. This is why I fell in love with singing. There are some Ted Talks about it (with science) you can find if you want to know more.
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"Pray for Smarts," June 22 Private Eye
How about pray for fewer lawns?
Pray for less water waste. Pray for people to turn off water while brushing their teeth. Pray for people to only have full loads in washers and dishwashers.
Pray for people to plant sensibly for a desert climate. Pray for people to educate themselves about climate and the warming of the planet.
Iris Nielsen
Via Facebook

Cross your fingers instead of praying. Guaranteed same results.
Eric Reis
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Ogden Can Fest
This was such a fun event!
Thank you all that put it together and Ogden's Own for hosting. We had a blast!
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