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Feedback from June 16 and Beyond 

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"Music Therapy," June 16 Cover Story
Whoever wrote this article needs to check their facts. Music therapy is a type of therapy. It is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program and addresses a variety of goals. Misrepresenting a profession this way is damaging to the music therapy profession.
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"Guns Blazin'," June 16 Online
Gun laws in Utah are some of the best in the entire union. We should just stick with what works so far.
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Utahns aren't going to have an open mind. It's a Trump cult now.
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This is rich coming from Gov. Spencer Cox. Telling the shambling, death cult, flat-Earth-reality-denying, bigoted hordes to "keep an open mind" on gun reform? Not 'till a tragedy happens "to them."
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OK, but giving teachers weapons is off the table.
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"Amend the Amendment," June 9 Soap Box
Greg Preston is absolutely correct in his letter suggesting amendments to the 2nd Amendment. I would go one step further by repealing it outright and then restarting from there.

How any Republican can, with a straight face, talk about not supporting any type of gun-control legislation is beyond the pale. They think Critical Race Theory, transgender children and the LBGTQ community are the biggest threats in—and to—our public schools, but somehow, someone with an automatic weapon murdering third-, fourth and fifth-graders is OK because it's somehow constitutionally protected.

This really puts the Republican "Pro-Life" stance in perspective. If this mayhem is considered a constitutionally protected right, then it's time to change the Constitution, and fast.

"Gun Blight," June 9 Private Eye
Why does the left never talk about any other solution to gun violence other than regulating guns even more than they are already regulated? Why does nobody ever look for the root of the problem, that our society has been so polluted by the left and their pop culture that all respect for others is gone?

Why does nobody ever want to talk about the dearth of mental health assistance? Or look at why someone could be so down that they're willing to commit a mass murder?

Because the real agenda is that the left wants guns gone, and they're willing to stand on the graves of dead children to accomplish that goal. Then, when guns are gone, those on the left can truly act as they please.
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Don't speak of veterans unless you are one. And even if you are, don't go thinking you know what some of us will or won't do.
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