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Feedback from June 14 and Beyond 

Our readers sound off on caged children, Ogden weirdness and “liberal left filth.”

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Cover story, June 14, "Best Summer Concerts"
311 in Salt Lake, whoo-hoo!
Emmy Arellano
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Opinion, June 14, "On Religious Discrimination"
It's not the sand they're forcing their heads up...
Andrei Malyuchik
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It is extremely tragic that so many people in Utah are so stupid.
Mike Schmauch
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News, June 14, "Road Dread"
Give the drivers a ticket who give [panhandlers] cash? I love these Utah laws that 99.9 percent of the public are unaware of and yet the state is always licking their chops, ready to give out these fines. It's kind of like the law that says you can't park within 10 feet of the face of a stop sign on that side of the road. I got a ticket for this, and because it's a law on the books, I had to pay the fine even after debating the arbitration officer at the parking enforcement offices.
Matt Morris
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If I see this guy again I'm going to hop out of my truck and hold up a sign saying I work a 45-hour week working with marble and granite and learning a marketable trade. Although I take home less per day than him, my ethics are more respectable. I may get more money, but it wouldn't feel right. I'd just pay it forward by giving it to a random person in traffic who has a bad car or just looks like they need it more than that coward.
Curtis Mace Davies
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$200 a day? Non-taxed? That's more than my take home and I work harder than [an] ugly stripper. Thanks to idiots funding these guys, I can't get on or off of a freeway or go grocery shopping without seeing someone with a sign.
Patrick Sohn
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The drivers that do it are idiots, likely liberal left filth who believe in handouts, not hand-ups.
Bob Erickson
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Dine, June 14, The Prairie Schooner
Oh man, I had a birthday party at a very similar establishment called the Wagonmaster that used to be in Murray. I can't believe there are any left!
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Ogden is perfect weird. It's like Austin but with mountains.
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Author Alex Springer responds: It really is! Like, not in a negative way at all. It's just up there doing its own thing.

A&E, June 14, "Crisis of Con-fidence"
This article in sums up where I am with FanX.
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I've offered to help with harassment prevention training for captains, and they've accepted (15 years in HR here). However, they also haven't done anything besides say "yes, we'd love the help, here's the dates we're training managers." So, there's that.
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... Quit acting like victims, get your shit together and your house in order. It's embarrassing at this point.
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Online news post, June 15, "Who's Going to Be Their Voice?"
I don't think [the zero-tolerance] plan was well-thought-out.
Douglas Richardson
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We have wolves sneaking in with the sheep—traffickers are bringing in sex slave kids and pretending they are the parents. What do we do?
Dave Caldwell
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We follow the rule of law, which states that, in this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. By your logic, since some kids are shooting up schools, we should toss all kids into prison. Since some people commit rape, all people are found guilty by association.
Jared Richardson
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Online news post, June 18, "The American Heart"
Romney had to decide between church policy or kissing Trump's ring, looks like the church won this time.
Lynn Baker
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Mitt thinks we are asleep and will believe him. He has only a bucket of whitewash to work with and no facts.
Kim Thomas
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Mitt, that's why you are not president. You talk from both sides of your mouth and get squat done. In effect, what you're saying is, you'll do the typical Washington bullshit: Talk big about it and in the end accomplish nothing because it's unpopular in your mind. Well, in our minds, we are tired of leaders like you and are glad we have a president named Trump who takes on the tough issues and makes tough decisions with tough consequences. That's what we elect leaders for, not for a popularity contest. But then I guess that's the difference between a billionaire who doesn't need to be president and holding to special interests, versus a career politician like you who talks and accomplishes very little, and even less of substance when it comes to issues that are important to the American public. Trump 2020.
Dan Gillon
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Your IQ45 does not have a heart, Romney. He sold his soul long ago and you bowed before him and licked his boots. Please go away. You're not needed nor wanted here.
Roger W. Knox
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He will say anything for your vote. Not a citizen of Utah.
Deanna Bishoff Garcia
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Mitt Romney for Utah Senator. No one has his background and accomplishments! Romney turned Boston Massachusetts around after Dukakis destroyed it.
Steven Zervos
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I'm tired of politicians and activists on both sides and their platitudes. We have a problem at the border that's been building for 30-plus years and both sides have exploited illegal immigrants in the name of political expediency disguised as "compassion." The [current] president has more courage than the four most recent presidents combined. He's taking the slings and arrows and trying to fix a very ugly situation created by and ignored by others. Time for the cowards in Congress to step up for once.
Mike Stapley
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Tie yellow ribbons on trees, etc., until every incarcerated child is back in their parents' arms. Hopefully this will spread all around the country.
Ted Ottinger,

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