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Feedback from June 10 and Beyond 

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"Sliced and Diced," April 29 Private Eye Column
I share John Saltas' views of the good old days. I enjoyed the fishing ponds at Fairmont Park in the 1950s. Hell, I used to play in the old state prison by Highland High.

In the '60s—up through the '80s—I could go fly-fishing up Big Cottonwood on a weekday and nary see a soul. Dragging State, Gravity Hill—with the good ole brown bag.

It was indeed great to be alive at that time. While there was growth, of course, it wasn't being force-fed upon us. It was just happening naturally as it should.

Politics was not such a nasty word. Everyone got along. Writers like the Trib's Dan Valentine exposed wrongdoings by politicians no matter the stripe. People actually debated over the issues of the day.

Not anymore. And you know damned well why.

Why can we not have a publication that fairly presents the issues on both sides? It is just so hard to understand a Democrat these days and hear them bash Trump when $10 trillion is being totally wasted on nothing but crap.

Our military is not getting the money it needs to keep up with Russia and China. America is being trashed.

Ignoring our nonexistent border is stupid and dangerous, and we will pay dearly for it.

The voice from the right is censured by the media, which is now almost totally controlled by the left and by Google and Amazon.

So yeah, I'm mad as hell and can't understand why anyone who claims to be an American is not outraged. The left will not debate about anything, and one has to be careful about protesting—else you are called a racist or a bigot.

This president and the whole cabinet are wrong on every count. Packing the court and all the unregistered people pouring in only assures them of new Democratic votes.

The cost to the USA is staggering, and there is no way to recover if Joe and Kamala get their wish.

We will be a socialist country, and as history has proven, we will have a dictator and the evils of communism. So there.

Care to debate? See what I mean?
Ralph Henry
Salt Lake City

Coronavirus Closure
All dire events in our lives require Closure,
Such it is with the Coronavirus exposure.
This once in a lifetime traumatic epiphany,
A special challenge for all humanity.
Sickness and death and societal upheaval,
A prolonged period of agonizing evil.
Masks, distancing and isolation vitriols,
Lessons for pause and reflection protocols.

There is life after each personal Covid crisis,
With the vaccine this mindfulness must persist.
A survival experience in our life,
And compassion for all who suffered strife.

Time spent with this virus we will never forget,
Need come to Peace with oneself with no regret.
Bill Kibildis
Salt Lake City by way of Sparta, NJ
[Note: This is Kibildis' 35th and final COVID verse.]

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