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Feedback from July 12 and Beyond 

Our readers sound off on curry and the proposed Inland Port site.

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Cover story, July 12, "Buried Hazards"
Why move the prison there? [The] new site is a bad idea. Does anybody remember the floods of 1983? The ground is not stable, the water is contaminated and there will be lots of mosquitoes. I guess the developers like the old prison site property.
David Gordon
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Sounds like the LDS church cherry-picked around this mess for profit.
Cody Earnshaw
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Private Eye, July 12, "Terrible Terry"
Mr. Saltas,

It was with great surprise that I caught the article about Terry Nish. I did not know this about Terry as I have only been in the racing scene about 15 years or so. I will definitely share this with my husband Todd Ellison (former racer) and his other friends that might not know. It was with great sadness that we found out about Terry's passing. When we were at Rocky Mountain Raceways they did a moment of silence for him and it was very fitting. I wish he could have made it to the end of the racing season and end of Rocky Mountain Raceways. I am sure he will be with us in spirit.

Thanks again for sharing the story of Terry and I hope that one day we can meet as I am sure you have many more stories like this.
Tally Burke-Ellison
Salt Lake City

Terry was also a kind man. He gave this Bingham High Graduate his first job off the farm. Terry reasoned that if I could drive a tractor, I should be able to handle a forklift at the Shasta cannery.
Dale Gardiner

Dine, July 12, "Halal in the Family"
I love this place.
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For me, I think it's the best curry in town.
Todd Mecham
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I stopped going there for lunch when they started charging $8 for basic chicken curry (and white rice) that had been sitting in a pan all day. It used to be great when the lunch prices were more competitive ...
Matt Morris
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Beer Nerd, July 12, "Southern Scene"
A big shout-out to City Weekly and author Mike Riedel! Thanks for the review and the attention it's bringing to all the exciting things going on in South Salt Lake.
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Online news post, July 16, "Circle of Humanity"
I enjoyed what [speaker Richard Ostler] shared last night, and have from a distance, have seen [his] journey to being more open of loving of all people and especially the LGBTQ community! I loved what you shared and how he shared it.
Brian Bentley
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Thank you for your presentation, insights and great service.
Sherrie McBride Gardner
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The LDS church doctrine actively punishes LGBTQ people and the church has campaigned against equal rights. Those two things completely exclude any possibility of "good Mormon" and "LGBTQ ally" as mutual descriptors.
Rachel Gilchrist Heard
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