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Feedback from January 7 and Beyond 

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Soap Box Poetry Edition
Devious Donald loves to cheat and lie.
Most Republicans think he's a good guy!
How can he claim not to be a racist?
When it's clear he's a white supremacist!
Because he encourages Russian hacks,
He lost the vote of browns and blacks.
Trump did not make America great.<
He filled it with hate!
Stephen Clark
Millcreek, Utah

Desperate Donald's Downfall
There once was a liar named Donald Trump
Who was tossed out like old worthless junk.
"Get out—you're fired!" We the People said,
Having had enough of him in Putin's bed.
Herd immunity was Trump's murderous plan,
To do nothing but laugh at dead Americans.
While Russian hackers steal our information,
Traitor Trump went on a permanent vacation.
Playing golf at his country clubs non-stop,
The laziness of this loser is over-the-top!
WWII ended with Hitler hiding in a bunker,
And Trump is in a sand trap trying to hunker.
Fascist criminals deserve only one fate.
No mercy for those who spread racist hate.
The neo-Nazi GOP just loves Don the con.<
Liar, liar, pants on fire! Don's no James Bond.
Trump is a traitor. That is perfectly clear.
January 20th: Biden-Harris are almost here.
Trump the chump will first flee to West Palm,
Then off to Moscow he'll run—get lost, Don!
Beg for assistance from Vladimir once again.
The Orange Emperor is defeated.
Jake Pickering<
Arcata, California

The Web
Internet texting of the Rifle Klux Klan gun people and the Klan white.
Abetting them in a day of chaos, thinking that they're right.
Congress was invaded on January 6th.
The Web helped gather the meanest to show war-like might.
Jerry Crouch
A rifle-shooting trophy winner
Salt Lake City

'Shot in the Arm' Jan. 7 Private Eye column
Very well put, John Saltas, as always. I do look forward to reading your thoughts on just about any subject. Moms are the best. Mine is gone and to this day, I miss her. I wish I could have been able to let her know that I finally did turn out just fine.

The anti-maskers are really quite selfish. Stupid, too. I'm waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine but not very patiently. Damn, has our gracious government botched the bejeepers out of the vaccine rollout.

I can still remember when the polio vaccine was given to all Americans. The entire neighborhood got in line at the junior high school, and we got our vaccination together as a community. Turned out to be a moment to last a lifetime. Those days seem to remember much nicer than 2020, the Year of the Rat—that Chinese astrology stuff.
Don Nash
Salt Lake City

Correction: "Poll Follies" in the Dec. 31, 2020, edition of Hits and Misses incorrectly stated that Eric Moutsos provided protesters with the home address of state epidemiologist Angela Dunn. "I didn't give any address out ever," he told the author in a Facebook post. "I'm against doxing people." We apologize for the error.

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