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Feedback from January 6 and Beyond 

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"Get Real," Jan. 6 Cover Story
I find it hard to believe that the author of this piece could possibly find anything redeeming about The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Possibly the most misogynistic franchise on cable TV, Bravo's Real Housewives are portrayed as petty, vindictive, money grubbing, designer-label driven, Botox-dependent, cleavage-obsessed, social-media-styled exhibitionists.

Yes, the Salt Lake City bunch may be of different ethnic backgrounds, but do they have much in common with any average person of any ethnic background other than the color of their skin or their ancestry? Note, always, the New York style and pricey restaurants they manage to expose themselves in, perfectly symbolic of everything else in the series.

Luckily religious belief, per se, is treated with the same superficiality as everything else, since I don't think even Bravo wanted to get enmeshed in those Utah particulars. In fact, the women reveal how non-diverse Salt Lake City and its environs (not to mention Utah, in general) are, with their past and present encounters with prejudice ranging from good-old-fashioned bigotry to more modern weight shaming that have obviously stained and continue to color their lives.

Even their businesses cater to women like themselves, specializing in all things superficial and, honestly, completely superfluous to any basic human need. With regard to Jennie Nguyen herself, I'm sure the careful editing of reality TV has made her life seem slightly nightmarish to viewers, especially with husband Duy's need to over-perpetuate himself—with "sister wives" if necessary—which I'm sure was meant to portray Utah as some polygamist time-travel destination.

All in all, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City says it all about Salt Lake City and Utah, just as the Bravo franchise does about the United States in general—none of it positive.
Salt Lake City

Love, love, love Jennie! I'm glad that a real, cultured, educated woman of color is represented in a special and honest way. A great addition.
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WTF has City Weekly become? "Real" housewife, eh? How does she connect with today's regular female (or anyone, for that matter)? This issue reeks, please don't try and market this bullshit.
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"Entrata Family Values," Jan. 6 Private Eye
Shame on David Bateman. Jewish people never wish to harm, they only contribute to humanity and its well-being. I don't understand why people hate Jews.
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The audacity is stunning! Why are conspiracy theories so much easier for some people to believe?
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I know a few people who worked at Entrata and everyone said that Bateman was off his rocker.
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Don't worry, Bateman will end up on a new episode of Joe Rogan's podcast!
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