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Feedback from January 28 and Beyond 

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Encourage the Good Decisions
I disagree with the notion that less government control equals less to fight about (see "Political Unity Is Not the Goal," Jan. 28 Soapbox column). The things we fight over will still exist.

The role of government should be to help protect those who can't protect themselves. Human nature lends itself toward greed. Might does not make right. Free speech doesn't mean you can say anything you want, especially if it threatens, intimidates or harasses someone else.

Government should even the playing field so that the game is fair. The market should be free, but this is not King of the Hill.

Individuals are mostly capable of regulating themselves, but individuals tend to lose themselves in a crowd, as evidenced by recent mob rioting and violence.

People should always be allowed to make their own decisions and never be forced. I'm just not sure we can always make good ones without some encouragement.
Richard Green

"Bottoms Up," Jan. 28 Cotton Bottom review
Ah, the Cotton Bottom! Damned best food ever. What a food hangout! Awesome. Glad they are open again after renovation—nice and cool in the summer.
Judi Wittman-Larsen
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Glad to hear this review was awesome!
Terri Ledding
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They did a great job with keeping this iconic burger the same. Like exactly the same. Some new items on the menu look good, too. And yes, there are now fries!
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I think they taste better than before!
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"Shot in the Arm" Jan. 7 Private Eye column
Loved reading about your sweet momma. Tell her hello.
Karen Johnson
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Loved everything about this article!
Aniza M. Brown
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Get the shot, Aunt Stella.
Joanne Saltas
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Great article.
Karen Anastasopoulos
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Tell her hello.
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Don't do it. No need to.
Lorinda Judkins Blaha
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Lorinda Judkins Blaha: As the article states—"To the back of the line with you." I hope if this virus hits ya, you aren't wishing anything different and take it happily with a smile. I hope that you don't request any help from anyone or use any of the resources available to you if it gets bad—because in your mind it's all a hoax, right? But it's not. This isn't a joke, and attempting to protect the most vulnerable in our community should always be priority.
Eli German
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