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Feedback from Jan. 30 and Beyond 

Opinionated readers sound off on fracking, Hobbitville and Mitt.

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Cover, Jan. 30, "A Crusade in Kanab"
Kanab and Best Friends dodged a bullet. The environment usually loses to greed and corruption. I'm really surprised and happy about the outcome.
Eric Blair

News, Jan. 30, "Charter Candidates"
If what I read in the headlines in Utah is typical of charter school oversight, then that oversight is lacking with charter schools. Millions in debt and forced to close. Seen several instances of this over the past few years. Where did the millions go?
David Jay Crispin
Via Facebook

I love the option of a charter school. However, that doesn't mean we should abandon public schools. If the government gives up on them … what then? Why not make them great, too? Kids still attend public school … and there's a socio-economic aspect to this too … intergenerational poverty. I just don't understand why we have to completely abandon public schools in order to have a charter. I mean, if we'd all put the same effort to public schools as we've put toward charter schools, wouldn't that have been a better option? Just one, stellar education system? It’s just sad when our government leaders abandon their own programs. I don't see how that's a good thing or why that's OK. A Utah senator in talking with my mom 20 years ago (a superintendent) about taking money from public schools with the vouchers said "what's the matter, you afraid of a little competition?" Even as a 20-something, I was shocked that anyone, much less a senator, would think public education should compete rather than be supported toward being successful. I mean, if an owner of a company didn't support its own product, it wouldn't succeed.

Amye Kat

Via Facebook

As a teacher at a charter school, I would advise that you look at the results. Don't just assume that all charters are for profit and that all or any money goes to these officials.
Kate Hickam
Via Facebook

Because [lawmakers] all make a profit off of them.
Mike Schmauch
Via Facebook

Public schools are taxpayer funded communism and indoctrination.
Robert James Dobrovnik
Via Facebook

Urban Living, Jan. 30, "Ghosts and Hobbits"
The new owner of Allen Park is not Rinaldo Hunt. There is no new owner. Hunt says he is "under contract" and claims to be the new developer but that is not yet factual. It's an important distinction. He is trying to make it seem that the Allen Park property sale is a done deal, so neighbors think there is no way to save it. That's not accurate. A neighborhood group called Save Allen Park is organizing to try and save this unique open space from Hunt. Please ask author Babs De Lay to be more accurate. As an aside, he also does not really want to save the historic art. One only needs to look at his proposal to see that he doesn't want to save anything except his checkbook.
Wanda Gayle, Salt Lake City

In my opinion, Sen. Mitt Romney has committed a serious offense against the President of the United States. By joining with the highly partisan Democrats in the House of Representatives and the Senate, he became the first senator in history to vote for removal of a president in his own political party. He previously voted to request more witnesses in a trial that was completely mishandled in the House. It was abundantly clear to even casual observers, that the case so carelessly created by Democrats would not survive an editor's review, yet Sen. Romney decided to try to add some amount of validity to baseless charges. Outrage by the public across our country illustrates that voters are extremely upset about how a fairytale can be forced through Congress. Democrats and Sen. Romney should be ashamed of their actions and should be shunned.
Undoubtedly, history will record the performance of Sen. Romney as a net negative. He has failed the voters of Utah and the United States. He should seriously consider resigning from the U.S. Senate. If he does not, then his last four years in office should be marked with constant reminders of his inexcusable actions.
Ron Skow, Littleton, N.C.

Sen. Romney: Thank you for upholding your oath and more important answering to a higher power, our Lord Jesus Christ. I am an independent voter who appreciates what you have done by putting country first over party and realizing what a threat Donald Trump is to our country and our American citizens. Hold your head high, because you and the other senators who voted to remove Trump from office, upheld your oath of office.
Again, thank you for supporting and giving a voice to the independent American voters.
Diana C. Elliott,
Via CW comments

I am a new citizen to Utah. I raised my four daughters as a young widow in Washington state. I came to Utah in 2018, again to be close to my grandkids. I have been active in politics since I was a teen. Politically, the predicament we find ourselves in today is about as far down the proverbial rabbit hole as one could ever imagine. A congress with a 15% approval rating, a president who beats his chest and brags about being a misogynist, racist and assassin. He stands rightly accused of high-crimes and misdemeanors by selling out his country for personal and political gain. Trump has been enabled by the leaders and party of Lincoln. He shockingly won the presidency with 81% support of Evangelicals. Last I checked, the 10 Commandments are not multiple choice. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, is an embarrassment for presiding over this impeachment trial where there are no witnesses or evidentiary documents allowed. As a 60-something progressive Independent, I share very little in political views with Sen. Romney. Yet, as I watched the Honorable Sen. Romney give his reasons for holding this president accountable for his actions, I wept for the courage and conviction of this man, who put his love of country and faith before his own political career. It was a Jimmy Stuart as Mr. Smith moment for sure. In stark contrast to the Honorable Sen. Romney, his colleague Sen. Mike Lee chose the easy/sleazy path and deserves the wrath of his constituents. There are days when I can't see the light at the end of this dark, depressing political tunnel, but today I want to publicly express my gratitude and respect to the Honorable Sen. Romney!
Kathleen Cullison,
Cottonwood Heights

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