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Feedback from Jan. 3 and Beyond 

Readers sound off on the Winter Olympics and warm beer.

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Cover story, Jan. 3, Will Winter Games redux be a boon for SLC?
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No to Salt Lake Olympics!
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No, let someone else have it this time. We already did.
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Yes. It's a no-brainer.
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Hopefully I'll be dead or living in Oregon by then.
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Online news post, Jan. 2, Sauced-Up Survey
They won't give us what we want, really. It will always be a condescending "we know what's good for you" version.
Anybody who drinks in Utah really wants the DABC to end, to close all the liquor stores in favor of allowing private businesses to fill the gap, and for the liquor and beers laws to normalize more in line with the rest of the country.
Chris Keth
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What a joke the DABC is. "They seem to have everything I've ever attempted to seek out"—probably written by some fresh 21-year-old pup who only knows of Jose Cuervo and Taaka at best.
Nick Fox
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If you have to be told to keep beer cold for freshness (especially IPAs) and/or if you have to be told to sell cold beer ... why are you the one in charge?
Brittney Hemingway
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Why everyone still puts up with buying beer warm by the bottle for an extremely overpriced ... should build or buy quality beer cold by the 6 or 12 pack at the local grocery store along with wine, and how about at least being able to buy a 5 gallon keg.
Mel P. Stone
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There are much worse beer problems than warm beer.
Conor Augustine
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I don't see the harm in selling a few basic boxed wines in grocery stores.
Matt Morris
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They don't really care as long as they make drinkers pay their sin taxes.
Deanna Bishoff Garcia
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First thing I noticed when I went to a state liquor store—higher prices than other states and they don't refrigerate to basically raise prices even higher.
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It's like a cursed monkey paw situation with these people.
State Liquor Stores now open on Sunday!*
*For sales of Smirnoff Ice only.
Michael James Bills
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Dear Soapbox:
Alan E. Wright is either a terrific poet, statesman and raconteur or y'all short of material.
Neener, neener, neener.
Alan E. Wright,
Salt Lake City

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