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Feedback From Jan. 25 and Beyond 

Our readers sound off on the proposed half-penny tax hike, hash and husky pants.

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Cover story, Jan. 25, "Speed Racers"
Ladies making drinks? I guess it is 2018.
Dave Caldwell
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News, Jan. 25, "At a Crossroads"
Even if the affordable housing issue is addressed, this plan neglects the needs of individuals and families fleeing domestic violence who need immediately accessible and safe shelters. One in three Utah women and one in seven Utah men will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes. As an administrator at one of Salt Lake County's two domestic violence shelters, both of which are typically always at capacity, I am keenly aware that we are unable to shelter all of these individuals and their dependent children. Instead, we frequently rely on the Road Home to act as a secondary safety net. Without this safety net, we will likely see our already high rate of DV-related homicides climb even higher.
Lexie Levitt

We need more beds not fewer if we can get more then the better but we still need to clean up.
William Heinig

Dine, Jan. 25, "Escape to Starch Mountain"
[Belgian Waffle & Omelet Inn's] Garbage Hash is my favorite. Add a couple over easy eggs on top. OMG, best place to go after a concert!
Brandi Dixon
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Blog post, Jan. 25, "Herbert delivers State of the State address"
And its gerrymandering, its LDS influence, its giveaways to big corporations and its wonderful air ...
Jason Allen
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Too bad they probably don't mention that Utah is dead last in funding education. But fuck people who want one, eh?
Richard Humberg
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Outdoor Retailer is going off in Colorado. You're trying to sell our national monuments to mining companies. You and your buddies have trashed this beautiful state. Get out of office and let's Make Utah Great Again!
Tony Peeters
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Did he say how we are making up the $40 million loss from OR moving to Colorado, or is he going to magically pull it out of his ass?
Ryan-Ashley Workman
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Jesus saves, right?
Brad Bacon
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Blog post, Jan. 31, Biskupski's State of the City address
The answer to Salt Lake's problems isn't a lack of funding, it's a lack of leadership, and a lack of willpower to make tough decisions and spend the billions of dollars they're already raising [with] various taxes and fees wisely instead of squandering it as the city is doing now—and has been dong for decades. The easy way out is to just ask for more money.
Jared Lee
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How about we also work on affordable housing so people don't have to pay half their monthly income on rent?
JG Billingsley
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Is it just me or has there been a large influx of proposed tax increases and fees every since we were told we are going to get a tax break? Just something to think about, lol.
David Johnson
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Blog post, Jan. 29, "Sunset for Sears"
I've lived here for 10 years, and I remember that it's always looked like it was closed.
Chris Spag
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Hard to believe that at one time Sears was the No. 1 retailer in the world.
Kathy Shafer
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Great shots of history as it falls.
Tyler Jensen
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Every August, my grandpa would take the bus from Centerville and meet us there and take us shopping for school clothes.
John Cook
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The taco carts right outside that had more business than Sears.
Stephen M. Christian
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I never realized it was ever open or fully operational.
Noel Dangerfield
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As a fat kid, I remember wanting Levis 501s. I got Sears husky boy pants ... yup.
Eddie Edwards
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Blog post, Feb. 2, "In Memoriam: Jon Huntsman Sr."
Such an amazing man. [City Weekly is] so lucky to have known him.
Terri Ledding
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DeAnn Dimond
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Yes, so much respect for this man.
Cindy Bruce Malmborg
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