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Feedback from Jan. 24 and Beyond 

Opinionated readers sound off on coal, deep-fried fish and legislative bingo.

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Cover package, Jan. 24, "What's in Our Legislation?"
Just read the piece. It definitely ain't half bad. It's a perfect union between art and content. Love it!
Betty Barkas Hood
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Why did you dicks let Mitt Romney get elected?
Kerry Knowles
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Cover package, Jan. 24, "Climate Confrontations"
It's all dependent on whether the people of Utah say they want clean air. If they say they do, then no, this will not be the year. With the Legislature, it's necessary to use reverse psychology and/or a pile of cash.
Regie Thompson
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It would be interesting to see if we could better synchronize the traffic lights across the valley so we don't spend as much time sitting at lights as we do driving. I bet it would cut trip times in half.
Joe Schmidt
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I've seen SLPD cars sit in parking lots, engines running, for literally hours!
Clinton Reid
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Social media post, Jan. 24, Ready for some #utleg bingo?
I think we are headed for blackout.
Kestin Page
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If this is a drinking game, you might want to put an alcohol poisoning warning.
Katie Matheson
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OMG, I laughed so hard!
Jodi Wilson
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Opinion, Jan. 24, "Clear and Present Danger"
Now in the News ... oral farting? Better know as burping ... and here's some more waste worthy ink to paper! Are you concerned about burping? I'm not.
David Mellen
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Wow, just wow. More nails for [Trump's] coffin.
Diane Armstrong
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Hits & Misses, Jan. 24, "Drained"
I don't know enough yet to speak on the water issue. But I do know for a fact many states are steering away from coal. It's not a clean energy source nor is it a renewable source of energy. Water (hydro), wind and solar are the best renewable resources. Utah really needs to catch up with most of the rest of the country. Time to enter the 21st century before its over. Smh.
Diane Armstrong
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Dine, Jan. 24, "Mojarra Madness"
Right by the fairgrounds, didn't know about it till now.
Geno Lopez
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No thanks.
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Mannie Lugo
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