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Feedback From Jan. 18 and Beyond 

Our readers sound off on Rodney Dangerfield, Trump and pornsmog.

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Cover story, Jan. 18, "Welcome to the No-Fun Zone"
I wonder what they are going to do to screw up our lives this year?
Ahren Young
Via Facebook

Thanks for the in-depth article. Certain things you brought up reminded me of elementary school playground tactics. Maybe a better description: bullying. We can't blame anyone but ourselves. We've allowed it to get this way and now we need to change it. People getting out to vote would be a good place to start.
Todd Rasmussen

Private Eye, Jan. 18, "Skatacracy"
Thank you John Saltas, well said!
Via Twitter

John, I always enjoy your writing, but last week's piece was exceptional. One of the things I really like about you, is your ready knowledge of parts of Utah history for which I have a huge blind spot.

I am mystified by the LDS support for Trump, and you nailed the Mormon quandary.
Dave Irvine,

In your desire to Trump-bash, you missed what he was saying and you did not answer why we should or have to import anyone. Trump's point [was] what is going to help the country, educated people or those that do not have college degrees?

It was not about race; you blew it again with your hate. Trump is still an a-hole.
Ken Keown
Via CW comments

Just thinking about Trump usually brings me to a rage. But John, you are better than to let your rage spill out into your opinion piece. There is no excuse for lousy facts and hate. You went on a rant about how Mia Love's congressional district is full of Utah County hypocritical Mormons for Trump. Love's district is mostly Salt Lake County—85 percent of the district's population to be exact. It mostly lies west of the Jordan River and Utah Lake, with a peninsula containing South Salt Lake and Millcreek, and almost no Salt Lake City residents. Trump garnered 39 percent of the vote there, while Utah's other three districts had Trump at 46-50 percent. Mitt Romney garnered 67 percent in 2012, while the other districts had 68-78 percent. Utah hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1960. A slim majority of Mormons did not vote for Trump.

Hopefully, Trump Mormons will see the devil draped in Republican clothing is not better than the "evil" Democratic candidate. If they are like my in-laws, we are in good shape. If they are like my father's family, who receive Fox News via osmosis, shun their noses toward anyone not making six figures and wouldn't vote for a Democrat even if he were Jesus, we're in trouble.
Bryan White,
South Jordan

I'm pretty sure Trump could just drop the n-word right now on live TV and three things would happen. He'd deny saying it, his supporters would defend him and absolutely nothing would happen to him.
Corban Anderson
Via Facebook

Blog post, Jan. 22,"Guv. Unveils $22.5M Tourism Plan"
An acre is a unit of area. "Square acre" is redundant. Sorry, I just don't like him, so I'm being petty.
Rob Tennant
Via Facebook

When I first visited Zion National Park in 1980, they were already getting more than 1 million visitors a year. Now it's well over 4 million. That's insane. The main argument against Bears Ears National Monument came from people who want all the tourists to go away. That's not a realistic hope, but let's at least provide adequate funding to our national parks, national forests and public land management.
Richard Warnick

Totally makes up for $40 million we lost with Outdoor Retailer.
Dylan McDonnell
Via Facebook

Not to mention, the hoards of people in puffy coats wearing socks with sandals. I'm going to miss them, too.
Matt Handy
Via Facebook

Brandon Eberhard
Via Facebook

I don't know what this means, but I laughed.
Tiffany Young
Via Facebook

Blog post Jan. 23, "Rep. Chris Stewart Has Wings"
Wow. Let's normalize bad characters in juvenile movies. That is the kind of maturity level I think all our representatives should have.

That was a movie script. Not real life. And Rodney Dangerfield admitted that while making [Caddyshack], it took a lot of cocaine to keep him lit up enough to perform it.

These Republicans and their cult of Trump are frightening. They say they love the country with one hand, and strangle it with the other. Sad.
Chas Holman

That Rep. Chris Stewart would try to equate reviled Trump with beloved Dangerfield frosts me to no small extent. Dangerfield had wit and humility, and made fun of all his flaws. Don't friggin' insult my childhood icons, Chris.
Via Twitter

What a waste of space. He should put liar at the top of his résumé come November.
Erin Bain
Via Facebook

Dear Rep. Stewart: I just read what you said at the Utah Relegislature. Makes me wonder about your power of discernment you claim your priesthood gives you, as it appears you aren't worthy of that Temple recommend you carry.
Tom Parker

When he called Trump "our Mussolini," I didn't realize it was meant as a compliment.
Seth Dunlop
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