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Feedback from Jan. 16 and Beyond 

Opinionated readers sound off on the ERA and Utah's short-lived condom conundrum.

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Cover story, Jan. 16, "ERA Yes"

Not surprised by Utah mucking it up!
Catherine Matthews
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Women weren't given the right to vote. We fought hard and died for it. Remember that in November.
Albert Garcia
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Opinion, Jan. 16, "Seeing Red"

OK, then have the government make your tampons. You are not entitled to the labor of another.
Neil Tjay
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Online news post, Jan. 17, "The Great Condom Conundrum"

The whole thing just makes me mad. The campaign is clever and inventive. This decision by the governor's office so very, very late in the game is just a ridiculous waste of funds. It's done, suck it up cupcakes, learn a lesson about communication next time, and let the condoms lay where they may.
Philina McNeil
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God damn it! I want some of these so bad.
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It's insane and these [condoms] are amazing! I don't even need them, but I want them and want to frame them. That makes them hella effective.
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Wait, the governor doesn't approve of sexual innuendo being used in an ad promoting condoms? He does know what they're used for, right?
Julie Lee
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This was a clever way to deal with a very real problem. Gary Herbert and a great many other Utahns need to grow up.
Jim Bunnell
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What's grosser than a used condom? Lots of unused ones in a landfill.
Kristen Murphy
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Maybe there could be a pop-up clandestine online auction to sell off the "shocking" condoms and recoup some money for a good cause. Oh my hell!
Kari Taylor Schreck
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I thought they were pretty clever ... also, directed at those who would use them in a memorable, non-judgmental way. No sex without guilt in Utah, I guess.
Carol Hansen
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The governor wants everyone to live by his rules and mindset. Can't wait till we elect a governor who is progressive.
Debra Vasquez
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Like Prop 2, you get it his way!
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No surprise the same man who declared porn a public health crisis pulled the plug on this program.
Tyler Johnson
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This whole campaign is amazing and I support it 100%! Let's protect our teens from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy since it's been proven that abstinence only doesn't work!
Whitney Brinton
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Probably got a call from Gayle Ruzicka.
Rob Stone
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I'm just over here absolutely outraged that good people are doing the work to help educate people about preventing sexually transmitted disease. And, gasp, unplanned pregnancy. I mean, the nerve.
Jodi Nelson
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