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Feedback from February 4 and Beyond 

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"Good Luck, Kera," Private Eye Jan. 28 column
I really enjoyed John Saltas' article about Kera [Birkeland].

I think a lot of her as well. Granted, as her husband, I'm a little biased. Still, after reading all of the rude and hateful comments about her on social media, Saltas' article was very welcomed and appreciated.
Lars Birkeland

"Don't Wilt, Mitt," Private Eye Feb. 4 column
Mitt is so normal. It's refreshing.
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Never ever in a million years did I think I'd see Mitt as a hero. Thank you, Senator Romney, for common sense, for moderation, for loving America.
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There is no fringe on the left—it's center-right, right and off-the-rails crazy right. When people consider peace and non-violence, environmental protection, social and economic justice as the "fringe" on the left, you know you no longer have a left.
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I suspect he will pursue the largest profit margin, such as most career politicians do. That said, I'll extend the benefit of the doubt for now.
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I stand behind Mitt Romney and every other Republican who walks away. Give the Republicans a party they can vote with and not need to take a shower after. Let the true Republicans follow and form a new party, and the soulless GOP be the ones that wither.
Casen Anderson
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Gave me chills. This is really great news.
Justin Whitney
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Being a member of the Trump-controlled GOP requires selling your soul. I hope Romney will not do that.
Mike Schmauch
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Day of Service a Success
The Presidential Inaugural Committee MLK Day of Service event—Food to School District Food Pantries in Salt Lake County = Healthy Student Minds and Bodies—was a big success, according to food donors, volunteer workers, sponsors and especially food pantries in Salt Lake County school districts.

This event had more than 35 individuals collecting donated food, and at least 10 volunteers to sort, divide and deliver the food. Over 45 medium-size boxes of non-perishable food was divided up according to student enrollment numbers and delivered to the five school districts: Canyon, Granite, Murray City, Salt Lake City and South Jordan.

Many thanks to Teresa Felt; our sponsors Doug Owens, Jani Iwamoto, Millie's Burgers and Peak Performance Tutoring; and all our incredible volunteers who greatly nourish Salt Lake County students. It was an honor to be a host and organizer.
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